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Food 2-1-09

B'fast - Coffee with creamer
Fiber One cereal, milk

Lunch - Taco Bean Soup
Mini Crackers

Dinner - Tenderloin with Mustard Cream Sauce
Steamed veggies

Snack - Small shrimp cocktail
WW Yogurt
Hot Cocoa
Popcorn, if point left!!

Re: Food 2-1-09

B. Fiber one pancakes with sf syrup

sn. coffee

l. hot turkey and cheese on lt bun

sn. coffee, orange

s ?

Re: Food 2-1-09

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - Spaghetti and B&B
Snack - 100 cal. choc. cake
Dinner - Subway Turkey with tons of veggies
Snack - Baked Tostito Bowls/Pico & Valentine Jolly Rancher Sucker