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Daily commitment 2/2

Good morning! Sorry to be MIA over the weekend, we were just busy. All OP days, though.

All the kids are a bit under the weather. Mitch had croup yesterday morning and has complained about a tummy ache since Thursday. Anna has a stuffy nose. Wes has a sore throat. Sigh. I hope this isn't all coming from our new church!

Speaking of, we have decided to go with the larger church after all. The kids are so happy there and Scott and I attended a different Sunday school class and liked it very well. No church is perfect, but this is the closest we have gotten, especially since we live in the middle of nowhere. LOL

It sounds like everyone is busy but doing pretty well. Chelsie, did you face clear up yet?? I hope so. That has happened to me too and it is not fun. :(


Re: Daily commitment 2/2

Uki, glad you found a church. You're right no church is perfect.

I'm getting ready to go to WW. Didn't do as well as I have been this week, according to my scale, so we'll see what the scale there says.

p.s. I'm OP today.

Re: Daily commitment 2/2

Just getting ready for a busy day here at home with my little one and playing catch up on laundry. We had another showing on our house yesterday and we got feedback that the couple really liked it...so maybe we might get an offer?? I so go back and forth with wanting to move and it's keeping me up at night. I really would like to rent for a year (I know that must sound crazy), but ever year I put out teaching resumes in an hour radius in every direction. I would hate to sign a mortgage and then get a job offer an hour away. Then again...it's been since 1996 and I still haven't gotten my big break on a teaching job so...why worry now? My DH thinks I'm nuts for wanting to rent. Ugh..the decisions, haha.

Anyway, did well yesterday on the food front, esp. for not being home until 8pm. Just in time to see the exciting 4th quarter of the SuperBowl...that was exciting!

Anyway, I'm off to plan my meals and get it planned on paper the meals for the rest of the week with what I have on hand.

Oh, I did buy a sweet potato and I'm dying to try it. I bought some caramel sauce too...I hope it's as good as what I'm expecting!

Re: Daily commitment 2/2

Good Morning everyone. Hope u all had a great weekend.

I Weigh in on Monday Mornings and today woke up to a 1.2 lbs loss. So it a good monday so far!! It is coming off slowly but consistantly so I am happy with that. total loss is 7.2. Wensday I will go weigh in at the ww meeting and it will be interesting to see the difference. I weigh in in the morning and this first meeting will be at night.

My Face no longer looks like a tomatoe. I believe the swelling is all gone for the most part. It has left my face feeling very scaley and dry. So I will give it a good face scrub today. I couldnt do it for the past couple of days because it would burn! I will probley stay on benadryl yet today just to make sure it is out of my system.

Had a really op day yesterday. did well on the points and as long as I stayed out of the kitchen I didnt graze all my points away.

Today I am going to go through all the pictures on my computer of the kids and get them ready to get printed. I swore I wouldnt fall behind. But that didnt happen. Hope u all have a great day
op for me


Re: Daily commitment 2/2

Good morning. I woke up today at 5:oo to exercise before the kids and husband woke up. I think I am going to start doing this everyday instead of at night. That way I will have more time to spend with my family at night.
I weighed in with a 1.2 pound loss for a total of 14 pounds. I was kind of disappointed in myself as I didn't do so well this weekend. We had a surprise 30th birthday party for my sister-in-law and we did some drinking and of course ate some food that I shouldn't have. Oh well, it's a new week and I can get back on track.
Have to go grocery shopping tonight because there is no food in the house.
Hubby and I had a major blow-out this weekend but we are going to try and work on things. We have decided that we need to go to family therapy to get some of our problems worked out. Wish me luck there!
Hope all of you have a great week!

Re: Daily commitment 2/2


You and your family will be in my prayers!! Good for you to agree to therapy and to try to work it out. Your marriage and your family are so worth it!!!


Re: Daily commitment 2/2

Good afternoon. Was out of the house early to get to the gym. Couldn't get on a treadmill so decided to use the eliptical and boy could I feel the difference. Did OK yesterday on food. I was planning on popcorn for snack during the game but wasn't hungry so sucked on a candy cane (1 pt) instead.
Went to Aldi's today and got carried away with produce. It all looked so good. I'm making stuffed peppers for supper but also got fresh spinach, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage, peppers, bananas and apples. Told Jim we will be having lots of good veggie this week. Think I'll do stir fry tomorrow. Aldi's is now carrying 93% lean ground beef along with the ground turkey. They both have the same nutritionals. Turkey is cheaper but the beef has better flavor. With all that and some frozen fruit I got out for $30.
Well, better get back to the sewing. I want to finish a quilt top before tomorrow.
Have a good day. Congrats to all of you who have lost.


Re: Daily commitment 2/2

I lost 1.6 lbs. today, came home and over ate. Why oh why do I do such stupid things? I'll have a better day tomorrow.


Re: Daily commitment 2/2

checking in at the end of the day instead of the beginning, but it's been an OP day...mom moved from hospital to skilled nursing place...went to gym, work, to get her settled and am cooking a good OP dinner. Hugs to you all, Maaj

Re: Daily commitment 2/2

Just now realizing that I never did get back on here to say I was being OP for the day. I had an appointment at 10:00 this a.m. and my day was down the tubes from then on as faar as getting anything done. I have been really sleepy today. The week-end sort of wore me out, I guess.

Tomorrow will be better, maybe I will wake up with a little more energy!