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Daily commitment 2/3

So, the groundhog saw his shadow, eh?? Just what we needed, MORE winter. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! LOL

Anyhoo, good morning everyone. It was good to see so many folks checking in.

I quick catch up for me here for everyone...

Laura, don't sweat it about yesterday. You got back on the horse and your attitude was MARVELOUS! I remember not so long ago, when that would not have been the outcome... You make us all proud and give us inspiration.

Maaj, I am sorry that your mom is ill, and I hope that the skilled care will just be a transition for her. Good going on staying OP!

Carrie, I sure hope the house sells. It sounds like things are moving fast. Everything will happen in God's time. You are doing great on the food front!

Chelsie, We are happy your allergic reaction is over and wasn't too severe! Kudos to you on the food front too!!

Brooke, You, and your husband and family are in my prayers. I think it is GREAT that you are willing to work on your marriage with therapy. Your family is soooooo worth it. YOur weight loss is so encouraging to all of us too!

Patty, I LOVE Aldi's and I know what you mean on going a bit crazy there sometimes. You made some great choices, now you have to fill us in on what you do with them. :)

Diane, here's hoping you got some sleep last night! Those kids can wear us out, can't they??? I slept a lot between Sunday and Monday. I think I may have been fighting a bit of a virus.

Well, today is a day for me to stay home and get chores done. This house needs a good cleaning. With all the kids sick right now, I feel the need to spray everything and everyone with Lysol. LOL Stay back if you don't want to be sprayed! :)

OP today for me, how about you?

Re: Daily commitment 2/3

Good morning. Uki, if we ONLY get 6 more weeks of winter I'll be happy.
Today is my quilt club so will be gone most of the day. I have to get blood drawn this AM for a Dr's appt next week. I can't eat till afterwards so have to pack my breakfast and lunch to take with me.
I'm a little discouraged that my experiment to eat all my points for the week doesn't seem to be doing anything except making me gain. Guess I'm not one of those people that I read about who say eat every point and still lose. Maybe next week I'll try just eating activity points. I keep thinking that I may have to go back to counting points instead of doing Simply Filling but I hate the process of weighing and measuring. Tracking is a little easier since I do it online. Maybe by the time I'm 80 I'll have my body figured out, but I doubt it.
Everyone have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 2/3

Uki, you are so right about me. In the past I would have continued eating for the rest of the week . I will be OP today because I like how much better I feel when I am.

I am so sick of this cough that I have. My stomach and back muscles are getting a workout. I just wish this tickle would go away. Anyone have any suggestions for an end of a cold tickle in the throat? I've been drinking green tea with lemon and honey and that seems to help some. Have a great day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment 2/3

Good morning and Hi to everybody. Here's to another OP day! Uki, you did an amazing job in your post here asking about all of us and our individual situations. I loved your words to Laura about not getting discouraged and how inspirational even our times of struggles can be. Take care everyone, Maaj

Re: Daily commitment 2/3

Laura - try swallowing a couple tsp's of honey. Sounds crazy, but it's what my kids dr. told me last week and I thought she was nuts. All kinds of new studies about honey healing the body faster. Maybe it will coat your throat some too. Personally, I don't like it, but...

Well, haven't heard any news on the people who liked the house. Not sure how serious of buyers they are, but hopefully something will pan out.

Uki - hope your kids feel better soon. It's exhausting when they are all sick at once.

Off to plan my meals for the day. Have a good OP day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment 2/3

I got up at 5 a.m. again this morning to work out. I think it is going to work out better for everyone at home if I do this.
I am so tired of this cold weather. I hate having to bundle the kids up so much when we go places. We are supposed to have some really nice weather this weekend. I can't wait. Maybe I will actually be able to take my son out to play. We are going to take him bowling for the first time. I think he will like it.
I ordered an eliptical this week and hope to have it soon. I like my Gazelle, but my feet just kill when I use it because they are flat the whole time. Plus, I think I will get a better work out with it. I am hoping to be able to start jogging this spring which is something I have never in my life been able to do.

Re: Daily commitment 2/3

Good Morning Every one.

Trying to get up off my but and get going. Me and the kids did some major house work last night and got all the laundry, dishes, vacumming, and sweeping done. I gave my oldest a little money for it because she totally helped out and kept volunteering to do stuff with out being asked. She did all that and got her homework and shower done and I didnt even have to bug her about. We dont have very many nights like that at home so I am gratefull when they happen.
So I had a lazy morning with all the house work done. Just got done reading the paper from sunday lol. So since the house is picked up me and DD are going to do some major cleaning. Hope to walk a little on my treadmill today since I got lazy yesterday afternoon and didnt do it.

Jujisu tonight hopefully it is a little more intense than last week. I like gettting a good workout there, it motivates me.

Uki u do such a good job of keeping up with everyone!!! My Face still itches a little hopefully that will go away soon.

Well off to put on my rubber gloves!!!

See ya later


Re: Daily commitment 2/3

Wow, it took me a bit to read all the posts! Good to see everyone on here today.

I am busy, busy trying to get ready for our trip and
planning a few meals, also.

I'm OP today!

Re: Daily commitment 2/3

Thanks Carrie, I'll give the honey a try. Anything for the coughing to stop.