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Health related prayers for Mitch needed

I took Mitch to the doctor today for an ongoing tummy ache. I truly didn't think it was anything serious, but it had been going on for a couple weeks. It had disappeared and then returned with a vengeance last week. By this morning, he was sobbing from the pain. Well, it turns out to be constipation! Good grief! I know this seems crazy, but I had NO CLUE. He goes by himself so I have no clue what goes on in there. Well, when she felt his tummy, she felt just masses of poop. Sorry this is so TMI! Anyway, we tried 2 suppositories today and NOTHING! He has had 2 doses of miralax and NOTHING! Without going into detail, I am worried that he is impacted. I am freaking out over this and just pray that God would work this all out (no pun intended). My poor little guy. He is terrified to eat because that starts his intestines going and the pain is terrible.

We are supposed to ride this out for a day or two, but it is so hard to see him like this. I just want it to be over. :(


Re: Health related prayers for Mitch needed

Uki, it's not easy seeing our children in pain. Hang in there. I will do my part in praying for Mitch.


Re: Health related prayers for Mitch needed

Thank you, Laura. He is not up yet, so I have no news as of today. :(

Re: Health related prayers for Mitch needed

Poor little fellow! I will be praying for him and for you! Mom's suffer when their children are hurting!

Hope you have some "results" today. Keep us posted.

Re: Health related prayers for Mitch needed

Awww, that poor guy. I know exactly how you feel. My husband has gone through this before and it is not fun at all. Prayers are with you.

Re: Health related prayers for Mitch needed

Oh my goodness, Uki, so sorry you are going through all this. Is Mitch husband or son? In any case, my heart is with you...I know what it's like to see ill family members...I have multiple situations going on in that regard right now. I know how tough it is to see loved ones suffer...Hang in there...and the better care you take of your own self, the better care you'll be able to take of those you love. Hope things get better soon. Maajida

Re: Health related prayers for Mitch needed

Thank you all so much! Prayers were answered this afternoon. Maaj, Mitch is my 6 year old. :)

When he got home from school he had "success," many times over. LOL He is a new little man. He says his tummy no longer hurts!! Praise God!

The nurse practioner called me this afternoon to check on him. At that point, he hadn't gone. I called the office this afternoon to update them. We are to keep him on the miralax for the next month to keep things moving along. The problem is not his diet - he is great about fruits and veggies. The problem is that he won't use the school bathroom, so he holds it all day. He was one of those kids who went several times a day here at home, and now he is holding it all that time and it just got him all backed up.

Thank you for all your prayers. I feel as relieved as he does, I think! LOL

Re: Health related prayers for Mitch needed

Uki, so glad Mitch is better. My granddaughter in Florida, that I am going to see, has this same problem and has had to take the same medicine, I think. She is 11 and had a lot of problems off and on over the last couple of years. When I reread your post and saw the medicine name again, it finally rung a bell! My memory isn't always the best in the world!

Glad you're both doing better!


Re: Health related prayers for Mitch needed

Good to see Mitch is feeling better. Poor kid.