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Daily commitment 2/4

It is another snowy morning here in Ohio. I don't think they will cancel school today though.

This is a quick check in as I need to get the guys up and going for the day.

I am thinking of you all. Carrie, you are in my prayers big time. E-mail me if you like, I have a big shoulder and my ears are always open.

OP today and praying that Mitch will get some relief today and that this won't turn into a medical nightmare.


Re: Daily commitment 2/4

Good morning Everyone.

Uki hope all goes well with mitch and you see some progress today.

Carrie, hope u are doing better as well

I am going to be home sick with kids as well. My youngest DD got sick last night. Looks like it is the flu that u just cant keep nothing down. SHe hasnt been sick since abotu 100am and is still sleeping now so I will just let her rest and hope today is better.

Tonight I go to my ww meeting in town here I hope the leader and group are good.

Op for me

Re: Daily commitment 2/4

Good Morning Everyone....Uki, hope Mitch will be feeling better this a.m. and have some good resluts. You deffinitly don't want any medical procedures to have to be involved. When my son was 18, however, they thought that was what was wrong with him for a while...turned out to be gall bladder...he ended up with pancreatitis because they didn't think young people had gall bladder problems! He almost died from it, too! Didn't mean to go there! Just hope that will be all of Mitch's problems! That's easy to take care of!

Chelsie, sorry you have a sick one, too. It does get better when they grow up. Then when you're home alone, you still worry about them when they get sick and "Mama" can't make it better!

I'm OP for the day. Trying to get things together to leave for our trip early in the a.m. It's about an 11 hour drive from here, so we will leave about 7:00. I am going to run to the grocery today to pick up a couple of things I want to take to keep me OP. That will include b'fast on the road, as well as lunch. We like to get where we're going and not have to stop, except for potty breaks and gas, of course!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Re: Daily commitment 2/4

Good morning all. Uki, I pray Mitch is feeling better today. I was up until 4:30 a.m. coughing my head off. Finally fell asleep and slept until 9:30 or so. I woke up feeling just a tad bit better. I thought about calling the doc to see if I can get in today but don't know yet.

I will be OP today, and I have to go out to dinner tonight (possibly) for my brother's 50th birthday. We're also going out Sat. for a surprise party for him. Have a great day everyone.

Carrie, I'm still praying peace for you.


Re: Daily commitment 2/4

Good late morning. So much going on with everyone. Carrie, so sorry to hear about your job. Just remember that food never made anything better (I'm talking to myself also).
Uki sure hope Mitch is feeling better. I have problems with irritable bowel/constipation so I know how miserable he is. It's so much worse for little guys.
Right now I'm watching last night's Biggest Loser and then will get busy sewing.
I used some of my Aldi's veggies for a great stir fry last night. I put in just a little sirloin steak but it was mostly veggies (cabbage, peppers, onions, asparagus, mushrooms). Tonight I'm making the rest of the steak with mushrooms, onions and mushroom soup like stroganoff.
Hope you all have a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 2/4

Good afternoon all. Today was my best friend's birthday so I called her boss yesterday and asked him if she could get out for lunch, but we didn't tell her we had it planned. She even asked me if I wanted to try and do lunch today and I told her I had an appointment during my lunch hour so I couldn't. I went to her office and walked in and she looked at me like 'what are you doing here?' and I said get your coat, we are going to lunch. She looked at me like I was crazy and I told her that I had already talked to her boss and planned for us to go. He saw me come in and came out of his office and told her to take the company credit card because he was treating us, so I kind of got a nice little surprise out of the whole thing also.
Well, we went to Applebees and I got off point a little, but I still have all my extra points left for the week so I will be using some of those today.
Things are getting a little better with my husband. We have done a lot of talking and know what we need to work on.

Re: Daily commitment 2/4

Sorry to be checking in so late in the day, but just glad to be OP. My heart goes out to all of us struggling with so many challenges right now. Whoever said food won't make it better sure knew what they were talking about. Hang in there everyone...and take good care of yourselves...maajida

Re: Daily commitment 2/4

Just got back from my first ww meeting. Since it was a new meeting place in itself they just went throught the overview of the momentum program. After the meeting I went home with a friend to explain it to her a little bit better. I'm glad I'm not at that stage and I have a little experience in it. I can remember how much time it took just to find the right foods and recipies. I think I spent 3 hours in walmart just looking at labels!!! Anyway the new leader seems okay. I'll know more if I like her when the meetings really get going. I weigh less at the meetings than I do on my home scale!!! But I do like weighing in on Mondays instead of wensdays it keeps me honest over the weekend. So I will likely keep up my weigh in as well as the one on Wed.

Hope this finds u all well
sleep tight!