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Daily commitment 2/6

Up and at 'em, ladies! LOL

Good morning everyone. I trust yesterday went pretty well for people? I need to go back and read yesterday's daily thread and get caught up.

I am done with the treadmill and onto chores as I deliberate over yesterday evening's course of events. We will work through all this as a family, I am sure.

I hope you all have a great OP day. Hey, despite last night's drama, I stayed OP! YAY!

Re: Daily commitment 2/6

Good Morning Everyone hope this finds u all op.
Yesterday went quite well for me I actually ended up with a few extra points after supper and cant say I needed to eat them but of course I did. HAve to eat all my points. DIdnt touch my activity points though.

today I was up early to get my dads dog he brought him here around 630 for a week while they are on vacation. We just have too small of a house to have a full time pet but we watch taylor whenever they need us to and that seems to satisfy the kids.

So since I was up early got the treadmill out of the way before I leave for the day. Got an appointment to fix my dvd player in the van and then off to the eye doctor for appts. for all the girls

tonight oldest DH plays bball at half time of the high school game. Oh well after being home so much a busy day is welcome every once in a while.

Uki, sorry I didnt get u emailed last night he totally forgot to look at it. He gets off at noon today and I left him a note to look at it and email u. sorry again. Also Sorry for what is going on with your son. I'm not much for advice on this subject because I have not had those situations yet. But I will tell u that thoughts are with u. hope u have a better day

Op for me. Have a great friday everyone


Re: Daily commitment 2/6

I'm OP today and getting frustrated that this weight is not coming off faster. It seems like that scale isn't moving at all this wk.

My son and his wife are coming for the weekend. I'm hoping to stay OP through all that.


Re: Daily commitment 2/6

Quick note. Got to the Y this AM and did my aerobics in the pool and treadmill with steep (for me) incline. Sure make the butt muscles work.
When I got home Jim told me we are invited to a movie and dinner today. So we are about to leave. Should do OK for dinner out.
Didn't lose anything at WW yesterday so I decided that I would try counting points this week. I sure hate to have to count everything after doing Simply Filling for so long. I think my portion sizes have gotten way out of hand and I'm tired of no losses. We'll see how it goes.
Have a great weekend.