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Daily commitment 2/7

Good morning. Is everyone in for another OP day? I am. No big plans for today. Last night we went to UNO Chicago Pizza for supper after the movie (we saw Taken which is a good movie with lots of action). I noticed when I walked in to the restaurant that they had a kiosk with their nutritional info. Didn't take time to look at it since they had a table for us right away. I ordered a chopped salad with shrimp. Asked that the tortilla strips be left off and the dressing on the side. It was very good without the dressing. When I got home looked online and they have their whole menu with NI. I panicked when I saw that the salad was 2 servings and each serv. had 340 cal and 22g. fat. Looked further and found out that all the fat was in the dressing which I didn't eat. So points were OK. I did, however, eat the breadstick which was 5 points (how is that possible?). Still came in under my daily point range.
I'm doing OK with the counting points instead of simply filling but I hate having to think if I have enough points to have an apple or a glass of milk. However, I got on the scale this AM and I'm down 2 pounds since Thurs.
Well, better get busy doing something.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Everyone who is sick or has sick family I hope you are are feeling better


Re: Daily commitment 2/7

I am up for another OP day too! :)

Scott and I are mystery shoppers, well, diners, at Chili's this afternoon. I have scoped out the menu online and they have a nice guiltless menu, so I think I will try that.

I rode the trainer so that is done for today.

I had old fashioned oatmeal this morning and had forgotten how yummy that is!

Have an awesome day!! :)

Re: Daily commitment 2/7

I'm OP today and am going to a buffet for dinner, Ugh. I will choose wisely.

Uki, I called about being a mystery shopper. Are you enjoying it or did you just start? Did you have to do training online?


Re: Daily commitment 2/7

Good evening everyone. Getting on here quite late to day but better than not at all. I am haveing a pretty op day so far. Had jujitsu this morning and went grocery shopping after that. But I cant grocery shop while hungry so we ate a the grocery store (hyvee) they have a wonder ful salad bar for me and kitchen for everyone else. Their fruit was wonderful. so I had that with salad and bowl of chx nooodle. I love places that make it easy to stay op.

Just woke up from an afternoon nap and I am going to sautee some veggies and some shrimp for supper I think. We dont have to much going on today or tomorrow besides church in the morning so we are going to hang out at home.

Hope this all finds u well
op for me!