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Laura - mystery shopping

Hi Laura,

This was our first shop. The company we shop for is called Bestmark. I did have to do training online, but it wasn't hard. The actual shop is more involved than what I thought. The survey had about 8 sections on 7 pages and was very detailed. I think we did a good job, but you work for the money. LOL Completing the survey took a good 45 minutes. Scott and I agreed that we liked doing it and will definitely do more shops of all kinds. I think the more we do, the easier it will get too.

Hope that helps! :)

Re: Laura - mystery shopping

I guess when I talked to the guy on the phone he kept trying to rush me to sign up without really telling me everything I wanted to know about it first. Then he said I had to do training and had to pay a certain amt. of money, I can't remember how much. I guess I got scared off. Can you pick and choose where you want to go? Does it pay well? Thanks Uki.

Re: Laura - mystery shopping

It did not cost me anything to sign up to do it and the training was free too. Yes, I can pick where I do the shops. The compensation isn't too good, truthfully. For example, the Chili's shop was a reimbursement of up to $25 for lunch. So, we got a free meal. Most shops are between $15 and $30, depending on where and how involved it is. Sorry I don't have more information - we are just getting started. :)