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Daily commitment 2/8

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I've stayed within my points since Thurs when I started counting again. The only "junk" points I've used were for a Curves bar and some ice cream. Managed to have a good pizza dinner last night. I put some sauce on 1/2 a mini Boboli wheat crust and then topped it with peppers, onions and Boca crumbles. Had so much topping that it wouldn't all fit on the crust.The whole thing was 5 points. Off to church in a few and then no real plans for the rest of the day.
Have a good day.


Re: Daily commitment 2/8

Hi everyone. Hope you all have been doing well. I'm back and have somewhat refocused my thinking.

I've temp. solved my financial "issue" for the time being. My youngest son is in daycare (huge expense for me) and she has agreed to still watch him part time (3days) and DH's mother will take him one day a week. So, that almost off sets my pay decrease I had to take. Hopefully she will stick with it (grandma) b/c we tried this when my oldest was little and it only lasted about 6 mon.

In the mean time, I think we are going to take our house off the market and refinance. I still hate this house, but we are throwing around the idea of trying to remodel what I don't like (which is the kitchen)...and go about it by finding cabinets on craigslist. Like I said, we are still tossing ideas around and I'm about braindead from thinking through all the scenerios.

In the mean time...I have concluded that something will work out, but I cannot sabatoge all the progress I've accomplished just b/c life throws me a curveball. So, with that said, I'm hopping on my treadmill here in a min. and getting my big butt in gear. Oh...I was so thrilled yesterday, I found those Arnold Sandwich Thins in my area. Only one store carries them and they must have just restocked them...I was so happy. Been dying to try them for some time now.

Ok...off to plan my meals and sweat. Have a good one.

Re: Daily commitment 2/8

I'm OP. I don't get to go to church today because my 2 yr. old granddaughter is real sick and I'm babysitting for her. I did real good at the buffet last night, made some good choices. Hope you all have a blessed day.

Re: Daily commitment 2/8

Laura, congrats on good choices at a buffet. Hope grandkid is better soon
Carrie, sounds like you have the right attitude. There will always be something in life that we could eat over but food will never make it better.


Re: Daily commitment 2/8

Carrie, glad to see u in good spirits again!! Hope u enjoyed sweating it off on the treadmill. I always enjoy working off a little aggresion that way too.

Laura, good for u being able to do buffets.

Well not up to much today. Did a little cleaning, didnt go to church this morning b/c I to was home with a sick one. DH went with the other two though. She never ended up getting sick but when my other one got sick last week this is how it all started so better safe than sorry.

Just planning to sit around tonight and try not to nibble at everything in sight. I've got the munchies today. Hopped on the scale a day early and that was a mistake I was up which is a little depressing because I did really well this week with the excerise. could just be because of that though so I am trying to stay positive and just work though the cravings.

hope u all have a good night

op for me

Re: Daily commitment 2/8

Hi everybody! Better late than never on checking in.

Carrie, do tell if those sandwich thins are as great as everyone says they are. Our Giant Eagle has them, but they were $3.00 a pack and that seems so high to me. I can buy lite wheat breat for .90 cents a loaf at the bakery thrift store.

We had an off day today. We went to church, but both Scott and I just felt disconnected today, which is not like us. Just weird.

We started to watch the movie, Fireproof, tonight. We are about 1/2 way through it. It is good. We are doing the Love Dare bible study as well. We are a little more than 1/2 way through that too.

Mitch complained of ear pain today and asked for advil... Sounds like a trip to the pediatrician tomorrow for the 2 of us!

Good night ladies. I hope we all get over these nasty viruses soon. It sure seems that EVERYONE is sick right now. :(

Re: Daily commitment 2/8

Uki - I really liked the Sandwich thins. My Walmart carried them for 2.50. Mark is in there having a sandwich on one and he likes them too. You're right though..bread is cheaper, but they're nice for something different. Honestly, I think they have a little more flavor and I think I could use them for pizza's too. Slightly thicker than the Lavash Wraps.