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Foods 2/8

Breakfast - protein bar (man, I love those!)
Lunch - Boca with Cheese on an Arnold Sand. Thin, pretzels.
Snack - Banana
Dinner - Chili with Cracker's and Jr. Vanilla Frosty.
Snack - Wheat Crackers/Laughing Cow Wedge

Re: Foods 2/8

B- 2 eggs with grits
L- homemade bean soup and crackers, grapes
D- shrimp cocktail (have the shrimp thawed and need to eat), pork chops, sweet potatoes and salad

Re: Foods 2/8

B. kashi cereal (a new kind, vanilla fields kind of like shredded wheat but better. 3pts. for 27 mini buiscuits.)

l. lettuce salad with grilled chicken, bacon, ff cheese and lt dressing. one cup cantalope, 1/2 cup tomato soup

sn. jello sf rice pudding

s. steamed shrimp and asparagus with sweet potatoe.

Re: Foods 2/8

B: egg whites, canadian bacon and tomatoes, lite wheat toast

L: Turkey and LF cheese sandwich, baked tater

D: hamburger helper and veggies

treat: WW PB cup sundae and toppings