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Daily Commitment 2/9

Good morning. I'm off to the gym in a few minutes. After that have an appt. with my diabetes doctor. The diabetes is GONE. I'm going to ask him what my healthy weight should be. Hope it is higher than WW goals.
Have chicken thighs with salsa in the crockpot.
Have a great day everyone
Uki- you asked last night about the sandwich thins. They are a little expensive but often on sale 2/$5. There are 8 pieces in each pack. They are great for camping since they are more sturdy than bread for packing.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/9

Just hopping on to say Good Morning. I did well yesterday and I'm planning on being Op today.

Today is my normal day off. My littlest just got over croup a week and a half ago and he's done nothing buy cough his head off since he woke up. What's up with that? Here we go again.

Anyway, hope you all do well today.

Patty - Good luck at the dr. That is fabulous that the diabetes is GONE!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/9

Good morning!!!

Pat - that is AWESOME news. I think you just made my day! :) Also, thanks for the information on the sandwich thins. They did look good, I just didn't want to spend $3 on them if bread worked just as well for 1/2 the price. LOL

Well, Mitch said his ear felt better today, so I haven't called the doctor. I gave him some advil before school, just in case, and he knws to go to the nurse if it starts to hurt.

I am tackling cleaning and chores today because I am helping my mom tomorrow with some chores at her house and taking her shopping.

Have a great day!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/9

Good morning and happy Monday to all of you. Hope you had a great weekend. I weighed in this morning and lost 1.6 for the week. Not as good as I wanted, but I had no one to blame but myself. I did terrible this weekend on the eating part. We had some friends over on Saturday night and we had prime rib and pasta salad. I ate like a pig and then yesterday I was bored and everything in site looked good. Back on the wagon this morning.
We took DS (who is 2) bowling this weekend for the first time. He loved it but he hated waiting his turn. It was very fun to watch him. Of course, we had to help him push the ball down the lane so it wouldn't get stuck, but he was very proud of himself.
It is supposed to be a beautiful day outside. I'm hoping that it doesn't rain like they say it is supposed to because I would love to be able to take a walk after work.

Re: Daily Commitment 2/9

I just got back from my WW meeting. I lost 3.6 lbs. this week. I couldn't believe it when I got on the scales this morning. All week I've been up and down so it was a nice surprise.

Pat, great news about no more diabetes. I'm looking forward to when my doctor tells me that.

I'm OP today.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/9

Good Morning everyone. Great to see all this good news on here.

Pat congrats on the diabetes front.!!

Carrie--glad to see u r doing well

Uki--hope the kids stay well

And way to go for all u losers!!!

I am having a so so morning. Just got off the phone after being on it for about an hour. We are trying to get our kids on a state sponsed health care program due to my lay off. We qualify by income but the program called hawki will not put my kids on until my work insurance cancels and my work will not cancel until hawki puts them on. Catch 22. I have spoke to multitudes of people between friday and now and it is not looking like anything is going to work. I will wait for a paper from hawki to turn into my insurance today but it probley will not be sufficent to cancel my kids. So if I get denied I plan on writing a couple of complaint letters. I may not be able to change my situaion but maybe they can change the rules before someone else has to go through this.
I let this situation get to me and ate a good tub of popcorn at the game on friday. So the rest of my day I will now enjoy, I'm not going to let it get to me again.

This afternoon I will run with a friend to a near by town. Then this afternoon me and the kids will make a ww bday cake for my mom who is also on ww. It is her bday to day so we will go to her house for supper. At least I know the meal will be op!!!

I weighed in this morning and unfortunatly was up by.8 I do believe in part because I wasnt drininking enough water. I have always believed it didnt matter how much u drank so I always have drank lots. Like 100 or more ounces a day. On Tuesday my jujitsu instructor told us that alot of times we had too much water in our bodies and we should limit our intake so I tried it. It is the first week I have gained. I did really good on the food front and excercise so I am wondering if it is because I didnt get the water I needed. Any way a small gain while not wanted will not make me go off track, not today anyway. Well thanks for letting me ramble. hope u all have a great day,

op for me

Re: Daily Commitment 2/9

just a quick check-in and wanted to say HI...am continuing OP the last few days...just too busy to check in daily. Dh having hernia surgery, mom still in skilled nursing, daughter still undergoing tests re an unexplained stroke she had at age 30...lots going on here...appreciating the day off today. Weigh-in was 170, down another pound. Progress on the scale has been slow, but steady. Hugs to you all, love, Maaj