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Daily Commitment 2/10

Good morning. Off to the Y in a few minutes. After that have a chiropractor appt. Had a good visit with my diabetes dr. yesterday. He was very pleased with all my lab work. I asked him about what he thinks my healthy weight should be and he came up with 155. WW says 150. I'm not sure I can ever get there. I've not been below 165 in my adult life. I'll try to get my primary to raise the goal.
Hope you all have a great day


Re: Daily Commitment 2/10

What wonderful news, Pat! I agree that you should go with the weight the doctor recommends. He knows what is reasonable for you since he is a medical professional that is familiar with your health!

I am off in a little bit to help my mom with some chores and to take her shopping.

I got the treadmill out of the way and need to get the little kids off to school. Mitch did wind up at the doctor yesterday for his ear- the school nurse called me. Sure enough, another ear infection. Poor little guy - between his tummy troubles and this, he hasn't been feeling too well.

Have a great OP day!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/10

Good morning everyone. I have some extra time here at home this morning. Today starts "the reduction" of my hours. So, I'm here with my little one getting a few chores done before work. My little guy just got over croup like 2 weeks ago and this morning he's coughing his head off all over again. Part of the benefits I lost was a chunk of my sick time so this really stinks..I have a sick kid and I'm stuck taking him to grandma this way b/c I cannot take off.

I did very well yesterday on the food front. I didn't quite stick to the menu I posted yesterday, but I was still OP. Made the best butternut squash fries and enjoyed them while watching the Bachelor. I even walked on the treadmill, but not until after my show! I wish I could do longer spurts on it, but 40 min. seems to be my max. I've got a bunion (sp?) on my right foot and sometimes it just kills me to walk for long periods of time. I really need to get something done about it. Last year I went and saw a foot specialist and he of course can do the surgery, but he said that he won't know if my big toe needs broke/reset because of the bunion until he gets me under and opens up my foot. If it needs to be broke, that means like 6 weeks recovery/limited work/driving vs. about 2 weeks. So, I'm not really sure what to do about it. I cannot afford to be down for 6 weeks. Anyone ever have this kind of surgery? What was it like for you if you did? Anyway, Sunday was awful, I couldn't even get my foot into my dressy shoes for church b/c of this problem on my foot.

Well, off to plan my meals. Have a good one everyone!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/10

Good Morning, Everyone! I am so glad to be back home and on here again. I was not very good while I was gone and I can tell it this a.m. by the way I feel! UGH! It was mostly on the way home yesterday, not packing a lunch as I did on the way down. My hubby was in a hurry to get home, apparently, and we only stopped one time...for potty and gas, therefore, we snacked on junk all the way home! It was all "good" junk, but not what I needed for the day!

Anyway, back on the saddle this a.m. and some "good" eating for the day! I WILL BE OP!!!!!!

Patty, that is so great about your diabetes! That is something I have worried about over the years as three of my four sisters have it. That is one of the purposes of my weight loss efforts now! I wish I had your doctor and told me 155! I would be there! My goal is 145 and I think I'll never get there!!!! Slow and steady wins the race, though!

Uki, sorry Mitch is having ear problems now! He is just having a rough time lately! Poor little fella! Hope he gets better soon! Spring is coming, maybe that will help....or does he have springtime allergies? LOL! A lot of kids do! We'll just pray for weeks of better health and a "break" for Mom!!

Have a GREAT DAY ya'll!!!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/10

Just glad to be here and OP in the midst of chaos. Hugs to you all...here's to a healthy happy and OP day. Maaj

Re: Daily Commitment 2/10

Morning ladies! I just couldn't bring myself to get out of bed this morning to work out so looks like I will be doing it tonight. As long as it gets done, I really don't care what time of day it is. Forecast is calling for 66 and sunny today!!! If that's the case, I will be taking DS and going for a walk outside!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/10

Hi Ladies, I'm OP today and it's supposed to be a sunny 65 degree day here in Mi. Oh, that sounds so nice.

Uki, hope Mitch gets to feeling better soon. My granddaughter is still sick. She threw up again yesterday. I get to have her again Thursday and I'm hoping she's all better.

Pat, great news about the diabetes. You're and inspiration to us all.

Carrie, I know what croup is like, I get it every year. You'd think I would of grown out of it by now but, no. The only thing that helps me is a prednisone pack.

Welcome back Diane. Have a blessed day everyone.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/10

morning everyone. just hanging out around the house today I think. Get some housework done and walk on the treadmill. I got home to late last night to do it so I will do it this morning. tonight I will have jusjisu. op for me