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I bought some fresh asparagus the other day. Any tips on how to cook and season?

I've heard it's much better than canned.



Hi, Carrie
In my book there is no comparison -fresh aspargus is way better than canned.
I wash it well under cool running water, as it tends to hold sand in the little tips.
Then break off the tough ends- they will break automatically at the right spot with your fingers, (rather than cutting.)
If you can keep the spears whole, they look nicer on the plate, but if your saucepan is too short, then break them into 2 or three pieces.
Steam them if possible, or boil in just enough water to cover the spears, until tender-crisp: 5 to 10 minutes should do it.
Use tongs to remove them, as the spear tips are fragile and break easily once cooked.
In the old days we would slather it with butter, but now a little lemon juice is just right, or Mrs. Dash, or a spritz of Hellman salad spray. Good luck!
(I even love it cold the next day, if you have any leftovers, which is doubtful.)

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Carrie I put mine in a steam bag and micro it then just season it with salt and pepper. sometimes a little olive oil on it too. The other way I have had it but not done it my self is to grill it. Very good this way.

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One of my favorite ways is to roast in a 450 oven with a little oil, Cooks in about 10 min (depending on size). We like it with vinegar on it.

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Thanks for all the ideas. I'm fixing it tonight along with the sweet potato I bought the other day that I haven't gotten around to eating.