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Daily commitment 2/11

Good morning! Wow! I am starting the thread. LOL

Thank you for all the well wishes for Mitch. He is on the mend now. :)

I hope everyone had an okay day yesterday. Mine was busy - got my mom's vaccum fixed and helped her turn her mattress, then took her to the grocery store, pharmacy and craft store. She got all the things she needed.

I am heading into town here after the kids get on the bus. I need some medicines refilled, and Mitch's lenses for his glasses are ready, so I will stop there too.

I have my meals planned and I am ready for the day. How about you?

Re: Daily commitment 2/11

Good morning. I skipped the gym today. Will have to try doing some exercise at home. Have a quilt group meeting this morning then this afternoon will watch Biggest Loser from last night. Have some hand stitching to do on a baby quilt so will do that while watching TV. Don't know what I'm cooking today. Have to get in the freezer and see what's there. Does anyone else have a hard time buying meat? I look in the case and nothing looks good. Guess I'm just out of ideas. The local grocery has 93% ground beef on sale this week so will get some.
Not much news around here except we will hit 60 today. Of course tomorrow is snow again. I'm ready for Spring.
Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 2/11

Good Morning Everyone. Just hanging around the house again. Kinda have a cleaning scheldule going so I so a little heavy cleaning each day till I catch up. Might take a gander at the library for some new books for my dd. she is quickly growing out of the ones we have at home. Will also go to ww today not sure if I will go to the afternooon weigh in or the night one yet. Getting my meals planned right after this.
have a great day

Re: Daily commitment 2/11

Wow, Uki, you certainly are organized. I have to be, too, almost with the precision of military maneuvers, in order to fit everything in, between work, gym, family stuff, mom in hosp., etc. I am headed to the gym before work...here's to a great OP day, Maaj

Re: Daily commitment 2/11

Good morning everyone. Just stopping in to say I'm doing well this week. Even worked out while watching Biggest Loser last night. I'm off to plan the rest of my meals. Hope everyone is doing well.

Re: Daily commitment 2/11

I'm OP today.

Re: Daily commitment 2/11

Such a better OP day for me today! It's good to be back in a routine! I need to go to the grocery today, but think I will wait until tomorrow. I'm just not in the mood and I need to plan a menu for a few days, so I get what I really need versus what I want!

It is really, really windy here today after the storms we had last night and this morning. Luckily, we had no tornadoes, just a lot of rain and wind! I am ready for spring!!!!

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Daily commitment 2/11

Got back from weight watchers and lost 4 lbs compared to last week. Didnt weigh in at the same time though. last week we had to weigh in at night to start so I'm sure there was a bit of an advantage this week. I am just going to follow the wensday weigh in at ww instead of my own because it is just easier. So my scale is getting put away.

hope u are all having a great day!!

Re: Daily commitment 2/11

Great job on your loss Chelsie!

I'm OP for today. Ready to go home. I am starving!!! Hopefully DH will have dinner ready when I get there.

Going to watch Idol tonight.