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Foods for 2/11

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - Chili, jr. vanilla frosty from Wendy's
Snack - grapes
Dinner - pork chops, asparagus, sweet potato w/caramel sauce
Snack - pretzels

Re: Foods for 2/11

B'fast - Coffee with creamer
Veggie Omelet
WW English muffin with SF Apricot Jam

Lunch - Boca Burger on 1 pt bun
Onion, Pickles

Dinner - Chicken
Steamed Carrots

Snack - SF Hot cocoa
WW Smoothie

Re: Foods for 2/11

B: Special K & Cappuccino
Sn: Grapes
L: Potato soup
Sn: Granola Bar
D: Chicken Stroganoff
Sn: 100 cal ice cream sandwich

Re: Foods for 2/11

B. fiber one honey clusters with skim milk

sn. grapes

d. sf jello pudding, carrots, grapes.

sn. carrots

d. beef enchiladas

sn. popcorn

Re: Foods for 2/11

Posting after the fact. LOL

B: waffles and PB2

L: lite toast topped with imitation crab, spinach, and FF cream cheese

D: 6 Mcnuggets, small fries, diet coke

treat: WW cookie dough sundae and toppings