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Laura - We are Mystery dining again...

Just thought I would let you know we got 3 more shops! We are doing Buffalo Wild Wings 2 times (2 locations), and another Chili's location.

If you are really interested in doing this too, go to the BestMark website and all the information will be there.

Uki :)

Re: Laura - We are Mystery dining again...

Wow, do you just wait to hear from them? That could be dangerous with eating out a lot. Maybe not for you but for me . Are the meals always free? I'll check out the website. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Laura - We are Mystery dining again...

Sometimes they e-mail me and other times, I log into my account and they have the available shops listed.

The reimbursement is on the shop information page. So, like the Chili's shop was reimbursement for up to $25. If you go over, you don't get that money back, and if you are under, you just get back what you spent. So we take that into account when we order.

It is a lot of eating out, but Chili's has the guiltless grill menu and Buffalo Wild Wings sent me their nutrition and there are some good choices.

Honestly, eating out used to be a NIGHTMARE for me, but I am really getting past that and learning how to manage in that situation. I am not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but I am finally to the point where eating out doesn't trigger and binge or make me freak out about what I can and cannot order. I guess I am striking a balance?