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Food 2/12

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - ??
Snack - grapes
Dinner - fresco taco's
Snack - pretzels

Re: Food 2/12

B: waffles and PB2

L: Lite toast with cream cheese, spinach and imitation crab

D: Spaghetti dinner at the Vocational School for Wes. I know they will have salad and bread to go with it, and cookies. Ahhhhh! I will opt for spaghetti with marinara sauce, no bread, salad with my own dressing and I will bring a diet coke. I will try to pass on the cookies and have my WW treat here at home later.

Re: Food 2/12

B'fast - Coffee with creamer
WW Bagel with WW cream cheese and SF jam

Lunch - Veggie Omelet with homemade salsa

Dinner - Chicken (that I didn't prepare last night)
Steamed veggies

Snacks - WW Yogurt
WW Smoothie

Re: Food 2/12

B. Kashi vanilla fields with skim milk

sn. coca roos!!

d. egg mc muffin/ strawberries/blackberries
small cup coffee

sn. carrots

s. not quite sure yet. We have Parent Teacher Conferences frm 5 -7 with driving time so just grab something op on the go.

Carrie-- what does fresco mean? They brought this up as a key word to look for when ordereing healthy. But no one knew what it means, will u please enlighten me?

Re: Food 2/12


It's where they hold the cheese and add the pico instead. I don't even realize the cheese is missing on my tacos. Makes a hard shell taco like 3 pts. vs. 4 pts. And, I tell them to load me up and bulk up those tacos! Very filling and gets in some extra little veggies.

Re: Food 2/12

B: special K & cappuccino
L: chicken stroganoff
Sn: granola Bar
D: chicken fajitas
Sn: yogurt

I love the fresco style ranchero chicken tacos (3 pts)