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daily commitment 2/13

Good morning. Today isn't starting off very good. When I got up found out about the plane crash near Buffalo. That is only about 90 miles from me. Makes you think that when your number is up it doesn't even matter if you are sitting in your house.
I'm off to the gym. It's always hard to get going on Friday since I usually don't go on Thurs because of WW.
I plan on making our "Valentine's Dinner" tonight. Not many plans for the rest of the day.
Hope you all have a great day


Re: daily commitment 2/13

Good morning, everyone. Happy Friday! Here's to another OP day. Laura, I have to say I sure relate to what you said about the frustration of letting the scale determine how we feel. With weighing in every day, with all the variables that can take place, like sodium content, activity levels, etc., it is just too hard to base our progress on something so changeable. It might help to weigh just once a week, under the same variables as to time of day, what you wear or don't wear, etc. Then it might be easier to play detective to fine tune our efforts for positive change. When I focus on the scale numbers, I also tend to forget how important the other aspects of our journey are...like increased strength, stamina, flexibility, better clothes fit, etc. Let's all hang in there together...it's so much easier to not go this journey alone. Love, Maajida

Re: daily commitment 2/13

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is ready for Valentines Day. I shopped last night for groceries and cookies for my son's Valentine school party. Helped both boys get their cards ready for their parties, etc.

I'm really tired this morning. I wish I had time in the mornings to work out, but if I did that, I'd wake my little one up and it would be hard for me to get ready for work afterwards. Doing the treadmill around 10:00 is leaving me exhausted. At least I'm getting it in, right, LOL?

Today, I'll be busy. I'm working both jobs today, so I'll probably collapse when I get home. Hope you all have a great day. I probably won't be around a computer tomorrow much, but have a Happy Valentine's Day...and "much love" to the best support group out there!

Re: daily commitment 2/13

Maaj, thanks for the encouragement. I'm OP today and we are going out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my parents, brother & his wife. I can handle that place I get their small steak, baked potato and salad. Have a great day everyone.

Re: daily commitment 2/13

The plane crash is so upsetting to me too. It has put a damper on my spirits today.

The kids have their parties at school today too. They took in their Valentine's, and I hope they don't come home with much candy. :(

I didn't do as well as I had hoped at the spaghetti dinner. We were running late, so I was starving. I had the spaghetti with tomato sauce and ate it all. I did have the salad with my dressing, but ate 1 piece of garlic bread too. I also ate the frosting off a tiny piece of cake. Oh well. Today is a new one.

I did the treadmill already and have my meals planned. I have sworn off any candy the kids bring home today! I will not eat it!!!

Have a great day, Ladies. You guys are the best!

Re: daily commitment 2/13

Good afternoon ladies hope u are alll having a good day. Kinda a odd one fro me and definetly not an op one. Just cant control my self this morning. Last night we went to pt conferences and I let my self have a cookie, and then a bar and that just wasnt a good decision. Which led to today just nibbles here and there but of candy and chocolate. so I just need to nip it in the bud.

wont let it ruin all my work thus far though.

took dd to get her first pair of glasses this morning. She was so excited. She looks darn cute if I do say so. Now they are off on a rollar skating trip with the school and my youngest dd has friend over. Though me and hubby would get some stuff done today but a old friend of his showed up and they took of for a while too. So it is just me trying to find something to do.

Well see ya all later

Re: daily commitment 2/13

Had the baby again today, so was very busy and didn't get on the computer until late and just now getting on this site to check in! I did have an OP day. I think it must be something in the atmoshpere making us want to nibble and graze!!! I had the same thing happening earlier in the week! I have to weigh in the a.m. and not looking forward to it!!