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Help, please

Hey, All
One of the ladies at my church is turning 75 and there is to be a tea in her honor. I have been asked to come up with a game that 15 ladies (most younger than 75) can play.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Help, please


Check out this web site for some ideas.

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There are some really neat game ideas in this link.

Hope this helps...I want to go!

Re: Help, please

Hi LouAnne,

Wow! What a wonderful celebration. I don't have any suggestions other than maybe charades? Or if not that, the game where you draw pictures of something and your team has to try to figure out what you have drawn.

oh, the game Balderdash is a riot, but you would have to find someone that has it. If you lived here, I would loan it to you. :)

Re: Help, please

We did that game Uki at a "married's get together" a couple weeks ago. It was sooo much fun!

Re: Help, please

Thanks for the suggestions, ladies.
Carrie, that web site is very nice. I found a couple cute ideas that could definately work.
I was wondering about doing something with "the day you were born" -you know, like what song was number one on the charts, headlines in the news, but don't know how I could make it into a game , unless I did it a multiple choice thing. Should be interesting to see how the world has changed in 75 years.