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Daily commitment 2/14

Happy Valentines Day Everyone.

Well I survived my terrible non op day. felt like crap all day knowing I ate all that and felt like I couldnt control myself. I took the bull by the horns at around 2 o clock finally and found a project to do to stop eating. Then I just ate light for supper steamed veggies with cheese, a little popcorn and coffee. Spent most of the night reading a good book.

Today I am home while Dh is off to jujitsu with the other Dd's. Oldest Dd has bball camp to go to. I will get my treadmill out of the way while she is at camp and then clean just a little so I can enjoy the rest of the day. I dont believe we are going out or anything. I would have like to but my husband isnt exactly a planner and doesnt have a babysitter. There are two times a year I refuse to plan the night and that is my bday and valentines day. I figure he can step up to the plate everyonce in a while.

op for me have a great day everyone!!

Re: Daily commitment 2/14

Good morning. Chelsie good for you getting back on track. Now forget yesterday and look forward.
I'm OP for another day. Tried something new today. I bought flaxseed oil yesterday (not cheap) and am going to have one tsp. of it with my breakfast. Added it to my shredded wheat this AM. Hoping that it will "get things moving". I don't want to take a laxative every week but that has been happening. I get plenty of fiber and water my body is just stubborn. Anyway the flax oil didn't have any taste and is a good way to the Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for the heart.
Have a quilting class all afternoon then no other plans. We went out last night to hear a friend play classical guitar at a coffeehouse.
Got Jim a small choc. cake yesterday. I looked up the NI. 1/5 of cake was 7 points. Then it said that the cake serves 1-2 servings. No wonder we have distortion of portion sizes.
Well, better get busy for the day.
Have a great weekend.


Re: Daily commitment 2/14

Happy 'V' Day everyone...here's to making it an OP day too! I'm off to the gym for stretch and step classes...a special lunch with hubby today..BBQing steaks for lunch in the rain, lol. We have our two year old grandson for a few days while his mom is away....hope you all have a great day, maajida

Re: Daily commitment 2/14

Good Morning and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone!

Just got back from my WW meeting earlier and it wasn't good! I had gained 2.5!! UGH!! That's the worst I have done in the past year!! In fact, I had gained no more than 1 at any time and a total of like 2 or 3 since last January when I started back!! HELP!!! I'm headed in the wrong direction! I know I just need to start back at square one and really be careful with what I eat this week!! I need to shake up the system!!

So much for all that! It is cold here, but I have just changed into warmer clothing and headed outside to do a little yard work! My roses need trimming, leaves need raking and monkey grass needs trimming back before everything decides to start their early growth!! That will help keep my mind off of eating! I have things planned for the days meals, though, so maybe I will be okay, if I stay busy!!!

Have a super Saturday, everyone!! I'm definitely OP after my weigh-in!!!!

Re: Daily commitment 2/14

Hang in there, Diane...i know the feeling well of frustration when the scale shows a gain....it's really helped me alot to try to not be overdepriving in my OP selections at times like this...otherwise, I get to feel too depriving and my efforts backfire....Hope you have a great day...there are so many other ways to measure our progress besides the scale. You go, girl...Maajida

Re: Daily commitment 2/14

Happy Valentines Day everyone. I'm OP today even though I got some chocolates. I will eat a small amt. at a time, but not starting that until after Monday weigh in. Everyone who is struggling with overeating I feel your pain. What's done is done, start fresh with your next meal, that's all we can do. Have a great day all.

Re: Daily commitment 2/14

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Our internet was in the fritz from midmoring yesterday until this afternoon. It is good to have it back.

Diane, don't sweat the gain. It happens to all of us. Just watch your portions sizes and get back on the horse, full throttle. LOL

We fetched the trampoline from the neighbor's yard and put it all back together. It is fine - what a miracle! We did see some damage to the house, though. :( I called State Farm and they are opening a claim. We will get some estimates on repairs, but we are looking at a $500 deductible. OUCH!

Chelsie, how old is you dd that got glasses? Mitch was not even 5 years when he got his, and he looked so CUTE! He is like a little Harry Potter with his little round glasses. LOL I was so afraid he would hate them, but he doesn't. He LOVES them because he can see. :)

No plans to go out today. I am making a Valentine's meal of grilled shrimp and we will mystery dine on Monday as our meal out.


Re: Daily commitment 2/14

my dd is 6 almost 7 now. She got rectagular frames that are rose colored. She looks much older now. My other dd had glasses at the same time now she is ten and doesnt need them.