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Daily Committment Thread - 2/15/09

Good morning, and happy day after Valentine's Day, everyone. I got through yesterday totally OP and without overdoing it with so much candy that took away my OP experience, like in years past. We have our almost 2 yr. old grandson with us for a few days, but I am still getting to the gym, etc., as my dh is great with him. It's rainy and cold here in N. Calif. and we're staying warm and cozy inside, just hanging out. Still so many family medical issues to deal with, but we're taking it one step at a time....dh having hernia surgery next Friday, mom still in skilled nursing, and dd relaxing away for a few days, but still needing to deal with the ramifications of a recently discovered heart defect....very scarey...but we take things day by day. Hugs to everyone...have a great OP day, maajida

Re: Daily Committment Thread - 2/15/09

Maajida, I'm not ignoring you! I just jotted down on the fisrt post I came to. I guess you and Pat were posting at the same time! That happens!

Hope you have a blessed day with the grandson. I am encouraged by you and how you are handling everything you are having to deal with these days. Hang in there!


Re: Daily Committment Thread - 2/15/09

Diane, thanks for your sweet words...they mean more than i can say....to know we don't have to go this journey alone makes all the difference in the world. Hope you are having a good day, maajida