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Daily commitment for 2/15

Good morning. Just a quick note to get us started today. Have to leave for church in a couple minutes. Foodwise, yesterday went well. Came in about even for my daily points. Haven't made plans for today's meals. Changed my usual Sunday breakfast from 3 eggs to 1 egg and 2 egg whites. Added the flax oil to my grits. Really doesn't have any flavor so is easy to add in (when I remember).
Have a great day everyone


Re: Daily commitment for 2/15

Good morning. Hope everyone had a great Saturday. I was a little under the weather, but feeling a bit better this morning.

Had a pretty good week last week. Worked out 6 days. I rested yesterday and tried to let my stomach settle down.

I'm staying home from church this morning; playing it safe. I plan on going this afternoon and of course I work this evening.

Hope you all have a good Sunday. I'm off to plan my meals.

Re: Daily commitment for 2/15

Just checking in after going to early Sunday School and church. It was cold in the sanctuary, so I am having a cup of coffee now trying to get my bones thawed out! LOL!

I did much better yesterday foodwise. I need to find something constructive to do today, like working on my menus for the week, etc. I want to get to my scrapbook room and piddle around for a while, also.

I plan for an OP day. I even ate my breakfast this morning about 7:30 before heading off to church! I'm not an early morning eater! I love my coffee then and food later. I know that's not the way to get the metabolism going, but I just have a difficult time with that one!!! That is one goal for this week to work on....walking, too!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Re: Daily commitment for 2/15

Afternoon everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Got up and going pretty early today. Church and ss done as well as a little painting. Had to put a second coat on a shelf quick. Hopped on the treadmill early to get it out of the way and almost stopped early just couldnt get motivated due the the week I have been having. But I hung in there did my nornal 300 calorie burn. I am getting worried I am falling into sesonal depression again. Last year I quit smoking and had trouble sleeping then we had such a long winter I was stuck inside all the time. and my husband had a close coworker die in a bad car wreck which made me a wreck to drive the rest of winter. My doctor and I think Seasonal depression was the result of everything coming at once. She put me on antidepressents and I took them for about 6 months. Got off of them and had been doing pretty well but it is that time of year again and I have been noticing just little things like quick to get very annoyed at little things. Bad self talk . Just constantly worried about stuff I have no control over. But I really dont want to rely on anti depressents. I was reading an article in Fitness magazine about how people dont get enough vitamin d and that can be a contributing factor to Depression. so I am going to check into that and maybe see about taking a supplement. Also just trying to get out a little more. I have been spending quite a bit of time at home. Well see how it works. I'm just glad I knew what signs to look for this time. I thought I was going insane last year. Cried all the time, was really unfocused. Like putting milk in the cuboard and phone in the fridge. Dont get me wrong I know everyone does this but I was doing it everyday!!

Well op for me today
off to relax a bit


Re: Daily commitment for 2/15

Cheslie, hang in there. Spring is coming. Jim saw buds on the lilacs today and a robin.
If you need the anti depressents don't feel like it is a failure. There is nothing wrong with taking medication when it is needed. It is no different than taking meds for high cholesterol. Your exercise should help. I know the feeling of not being motivated. Many days after a few minutes on the treadmill I think I can't do this, then I talk to myself and remind me that I did it yesterday and I can do it today.


Re: Daily commitment for 2/15

Hi all, I've been OP today and have to weigh in tomorrow. I got to have my 3 grandchildren over for the day and we had a lot of fun.

Chelsie, I have a friend who gets seasonal depression in the winter. She uses a sunlamp and says she loves it. Just a thought.


Re: Daily commitment for 2/15

Hi Ladies,

I have been OP today too. No exercise but did fine foodwise.

We went to SS and church this morning and then Scott watched the Daytona 500 and I took a nap. I didn't mean to, but I slept for almost 2 hours! I have a touch of a cold, and I think I must have needed the extra rest?

Chelsie, don't think a thing about taking to medication if you need it! A couple years ago I tried some and it didn't work for me. I tried Lexapro first and it made me so tired, I was falling asleep talking on the phone. Then we tried Effexor and that did the same thing. Last we tried Prozac and that didn't make me sleepy, but it didn't do a thing for the depression. Wes takes zoloft and has been on medication since he was 8 years old. E-mail me personally if you want the whole story. It is a long and painful one, but I give thanks to God for the meds. They saved his life - literally. :)

I hope everyone enjoys the day off tomorrow. I think we will take the kids to the .50 cent movie to see Bolt tomorrow.