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Daily commitment 2/16

Wow! I am up first??? LOL

Good morning and happy 3 day weekend. I hope many of you have the day off. :)

I am up and we will have breakfast soon, then I will get my exercise out of the way. We take the kids to the movies today and then mystery dine tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings. I got the nutritional information from the company, so I am armed and ready!

Have a great day!

Re: Daily commitment 2/16

Good morning. Quick post as I'm off to the gym in a couple minutes. Had a good day yesterday but can't seem to keep to my points. Still OK using weeklies. Not much happening today. Quick stop at Aldis and then sewing.
Hope you all have a good day


Re: Daily commitment 2/16

I'm off to WW in a bit, not sure yet how I've done but don't think it's too good. Oh well, I can't have a big loss every wk. it's just so frustrating when I'm doing so well staying OP and I don't lose at all or I gain, ugh. After weigh in my DH and I are going to breakfast, so I won't be staying for the meeting.

Uki, have fun mystery eating. I still need to check out that website you told me about.

Have an awesome day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment 2/16

Hi everyone, just checking in for another OP day. Today was my usual weigh-in on my home scale...I do it same time, same day, same conditions, each week now, and otherwise I stay away from the scale totally. Was down 2.5 this week and I am thrilled, but wary, as my main concern is the consistency factor. Most of us here know what to do to stay OP, but doing so day in and day out, that's the hardest part for me. And I am so well aware that the scale is just one tiny measure of our progress....I've been working hard trying to increase stamina, strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, and all those good things. So like a crazy person, even though I have the day off, I am still dashing to the gym for my usual early am. workout. Hugs to you all...I second the wishes for everyone to have an awesome day. maajida

Re: Daily commitment 2/16

Good Morning Everyone. I just feel like lazy bones this morning. Just got up it is 8 am here. Walked out of the bedroom and all the kids are already up. they were so quiet they didnt even wake me up!

None of my kids have school today but there is a free movie at the Library so we might head of to that. I will go do my treadmill this morning and then clean my one room a day. Catch up on some magazines, and play some games with the kids.

I finally got a true op day with food under my belt yesterday and that felt good. It was such a struggle though to get there. Next week is my dreaded week each month and while most people get munchies the week before or week after. Mine is 2 weeks before I guess. now that I think about it there has been a pattern. I'll have to monitor it for a couple months.

Thanks for all the encouragement dealing with my depression issues. I did feel quite better after I excersied and then I read a while, went on a quick shopping trip with my hubby just to get out. then we all played battleship and I went to bed in good spirits. I am not against taking antidepressants. I just feel that I can do things to control it. And when I dont do them that is when I fall into its trap. for example just taking time for myself. not having to have everything done all the time. Putting my scale away (which I have already done). If I feel like I cant control it anymore I will take something I just hate getting off of them.

Well op for me have a great day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment 2/16

Good morning everyone. Hope you all are doing well. I'm awaiting my uncle to arrive and take my entertainment center he bought off me. I have boxes of books and movies all over my front room and it's driving me crazy. Now, I have to find something else. He bought if off me when we had our house for sale, and now that we are staying...well, lets just say I sold it, spent the money,and now I have to replace it with something different and fast b/c those boxes are driving me crazy.

Off to plan my meals. I did very well last week and hope to this week.

Re: Daily commitment 2/16

Good morning! I've been up since 5:00, but just now checking in! Have done my walking, eaten my b'fast and heading to the shower in a few minutes. It is quite cool here today! I wanted to work outside again, but will probably go and do my grocery shopping for the week since I am going to have the baby again this week. I have been working on menus, so I will know what items I don't have and need to get. I hate going with no plans. I get stuff that I already have or don't get what I really needed!

OP for the day for me. I hope everyone will have the same!

Re: Daily commitment 2/16

Good morning all! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know that I sure did! Valentines Day was great. DH went overboard and got me a new MP3 player and the Open Heart necklace from Kay's. It is beautiful!!! Then we went to a nice resturaunt for dinner. I did go a little crazy, but it was a special occassion and that's okay once in a while!
I weighed in today with loss of 2.6 for the week and a grand total of 18 down! I'm happy with that!
Hope you all have a great week!

Re: Daily commitment 2/16

I'm back joining the group, it's been a while. I hit goal last September and thought I didn't need help anymore. Low and behold, I have gained 10 lbs back. I also made the mistake of making my goal according to WW and not what I used to and need to weigh. So I stopped and now I'm having a really hard time getting myself back down. I have lost 2 lbs of the 10 so far and I keep going to meetings and whacking away at it. It just seems so slow and hard. I have a friend who had ANOTHER baby after my last one (who is turning 3 soon) and she's dropping weight so fast all on her own. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????????? I lost my friend who was going to WW meetings with me so I'm going all alone. I feel like it's the world against Lisa. Any one have any tips or ANYTHING to help????? All if much appreciated.

On a good note I am going to the gym 4-5x a week to train for a 1/2 marathon in May. I'm getting better and running longer but not loosing weight because I don't keep my eating under control.

Re: Daily commitment 2/16

Welcome Back Lisa. I too came back this year after gaining 25 lbs back. I havent been losing as much or as fast this time either but I have not been as concerned with the number on the scale as I have been about getting in my excercise and eating properly. It has been a whole lot less stressful this time around.

Some of the things I am trying to do recently is keeping a log of good recipies on hand. so when I dont have time to look around for recipies I can just go to them and plan a whole week of grocerie shopping.

I also buy no bad snacks for my house even for my kids. Ex. little debbies or ice cream bars. They just eat what they can find and have become quite resourceful! Their snacking has cut down as well. When there isnt as much junk to enjoy the actually eat meals better. This also enables me not to be tempted. They do have their own cuboard with their valentines candy and stuff and I just never go in there.

I have been limiting my snacks through out the day and trying to get more out of my main meals. Eating at the same time everyday.

The biggest thing I had to do is give up red light foods. Their are just somethings that I absolutely cannot eat or I will binge. Chips are one for me. I love em, but I cant have em. But I know that I get just as much pleasure out of eating them as I do eating a sweet potatoe with brown sugar so I go for the sweet potatoe everytime. Who cares if I am eating it with a ham and cheese sandwich. Meals dont always have to make sense. Just give u the fuel u need to make it though the day.

And last I started giving into my cravings. Now dont get me wrong I do it in moderation. If I need something cheesy I have 3 cheese ziti meal from ww. or cheese on steamed boccoli. My fav is grilled cheese and tomatoe soup. 2% velveeta cheese is wonderful!! For something sugary my fav right now is the sweet potatoe. For pizza I make chicken barbaque pizza on whole wheat pita's.

I always thought I would have to fight my body to lose this weight. I have just recently realized I have to listen to it for the most part.

hope some of this helps

see ya