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Food 2/17

For once I know what I am going to have all day. I havent been very good at this lately

B. kashi vanilla fields with skim milk

d. salad with egg, vegatable thins, lt dressing.

sn coffee

s. Turkey Meatball sandwhich on lt bun with barbaque sauce. With some veggie

Re: Food 2/17

Are you having it today or tomorrow?! Just kidding, I guess you noticed the wrong date?!

B'fast - Oatmeal with cooked apple
Coffee with creamer

Lunch - Veggie omelet with homemade salsa (I know, I'm addicted to this!)

Dinner - Supposed to eat at MOPS (church) and they're having pasta! UGH! I may eat before I go! I don't like wasting my points on that unless I'm really in the mood)

Snack - Hot cocoa, WW Yogurt

Re: Food 2/17

B: Oatmeal & FF Cappuccino
Sn: Grapes
L: Subway Club
Sn: Yogurt
D: ???

Re: Food 2/17

B: oatmeal

L: Imitation crab and spinach on lite toast with cream cheese

D: buffalitos at Buffalo Wild Wings with NO Sauce, side salad

Treat: WW cookie dough sundae

Re: Food 2/17

B: toasted pita bread w/spray butter, milk
L: grilled chicken salad w/asiago cheese & italian dressing
D: 2 tacos
trying to skip the snack after dinner

Re: Food 2/17

lol didnt even notice the date!! I am eating that today!!. But did however deviate from plan and had a 1 pt bagel w pb2. It was an attempt to keep me from sabatoging myself today. my 2 dd ate late today and had pb and j which is one of my favorites of all time. so just had to have some pb. so that was my low point alternative. I truley believe if u want something bad enough u need to let yourself have it. It I hadnt had it I would of munched my way through the whole day.

Here's to conquring cravings still staying op today! YEAH!!!

Re: Food 2/17

Breakfast - Protein Bar
Lunch - Turkey Bacon on Arnold Sandwich Thin - I melted 1 piece of provolone cheese over the bacon and added some spinach leaves and a big fire roasted red pepper - OMG!! so Good

snack - pumpkin dessert

Dinner - Spaghetti - I use the really lean ground beef from Aldi and Ronzoni Pasta.

Snack - Pretzels.