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Daily commitment 2/17

Good morning. Gosh, where is everyone. No gym for me today. Quilt club meets. I've been busy making baby quilts for Birthright. We have a shower for them once a year and donate lots of quilts for them to give out to mothers who need help. One thing about sewing is that it is hard to eat while working. Made a great Buffalo Chicken lasagna last night. Have enough leftover for another meal. Still having hard time staying within my points limit for the day and have to use weeklies. Only have 2 more days for my week and still have 13 weeklies left so not so bad. Also have 9 activity points that I haven't used. I eat almost entirely filling foods so at least the points I use are for real food.
Hope you all have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 2/17

Hi everyone! I'm doing pretty good.

Had a good day yesteray and got a good work out in. Today should be a good day as well.

Getting ready to head to work in a bit.

Have a good one.

Re: Daily commitment 2/17

Good morning everyone. got up this morning with a heck of a lot of energy so I better put it to good use I guess. Maybe it is from getting outside for that walk yesterday! today I will do a little housework and then put another coat of paint on my daughters desk. Gather up some stuff for the consignment store and then later tonight I have jujitsu. Little dd doesnt have school today and loves to help so we will have a fun day.

Made it through yesteday but it was a struggle twords night time. got the munchies really late but I warded them off and had some ff popcorn. I still wanted to eat but just didnt.

Off to fold some laundry see u all later

Re: Daily commitment 2/17

Good morning...here's to another OP day. I am taking the day off the gym too. Chels, great job coping with the nightime munchies. Take care everyone...maaj

Re: Daily commitment 2/17

Good morning! I am up and getting chores done. I got the trainer out of the way and that feels good.

The kids are on the mend finally. :)

The mystery shop went well last night. Although, I wouldn't recommend the restaurant. The food was very ordinary and not a good value for the money.

Meals are planned and I am off to get some other things done.

Re: Daily commitment 2/17

Good Morning all, I weighed in yesterday and lost .8 so that brings my total to 41.4 lbs down. I'm happy with that.

Pat, that lasagna sounds really good. I'm OP today and not much to do except later on take my granddaughter to piano lessons. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment 2/17

Really late checking in. Had the baby again today, so wasn't on the computer much until now at bedtime!

I have managed to be OP all day, though! Changed my dinner plans and had left over soup, so my points were more in the evening and I got the munchies while watching American Idol. It doesn't take long to use them all, though, so I am going to bed shortly, so I can get up and start eating again tomorrow! LOL! Just kidding. I will have Lilly again, so I will be busy once more!

Hope everyone had had a great day!