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Food 2/17

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - Chili/Crackers, 100 cal. choc. cake
Snack - Cheesecake Bar
Dinner - Veggie Soup
Snack - Pumpkin Dessert

I've got a slight sweet tooth today, hmm..

Re: Food 2/17

Well dont really want to admit to all this but here goes

b. kashi with skim milk

sn. apple, popcorn

then....some pb, then pb on celery, then a few bagel chips, then some really bad popcorn, then some cocoa puffs. Stopped there and had dinner which was a chicken sausage on a bagel and 1/2 c. tomatoe soup

then some chocolate and more cocoa puffs.

UUUHHHH. Frustrating. BUt I did write and count everyhting which is probley what finally made me stop. That and a nap. I woke up with alot of energy but that tappered of around eleven and I became very tired but though I cant sleep I have so much planned for the day. Finally gave in and took a small nap. Feel much better and all the munchies were gone. My lesson learned, if I would have layed down sooner and given in I probley wouldnt have eaten all that junk.

Re: Food 2/17

B'fast - WW Bagel with FF Promise and SF Apricot jam, WW Yogurt, Coffee with creamer, of course

Lunch - Ham and Turkey (1pt) on Flatout with lettuce, tomato, onion with dill pickles on the side

Dinner - Taco soup, Cabbage with smoked turkey sausage and cornbread muffin

Snack - Apple, Hot cocoa, Popcorn, Baked chips and salsa (had the munchies while watching American Idol and still had the points!!)