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Daily Commitment 2/18

Good morning! I am up and at 'em now and ready to get this day rolling.

I have to run to the store and to the Time Warner office to return our modem, now that we have AT and T instead.

Anna helped me make a cake for today and we made it with applesauce and egg whites. She is so proud of herself when she helps. I bought the whipped frosting which is lower in points too, but I am hoping that I can skip the cake...

We signed Wes up for high school classes and I about died. When did I get a high school aged child? Where is the little guy that sat in my lap and was afriad of storms and tornadoes? What have you all done with my little boy? LOL He is growing up too fast and I am rapidly getting older...

Have a great OP day!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/18

Good Morning everyone. Hope you all are having a good OP week so far.

I over slept this morning. I was so tired. Last night, I got off the treadmill, put in a post on here, grabbed a quick snack and then laid down on the bed...totally intending on getting back up and cleaning up a bit...next thing I know...I'm running 20 min. behind. Get my youngest to daycare and my oldest informs me he forgot his homework...ugh..so back to the house we go to grab the folder. I somehow made it in on time; but only because I drove like a maniac! LOL!!

Anyway, off to plan my meals for the day.

Re: Daily Commitment 2/18

Good Morning everyone.

I am off to ww in a couple of hours to weigh in. I will go to meeting tonight though. I am going to go help out at my dd school this afternoon. I plan on going every wensday afternoon so I can get out of the house and not go crazy.

Although a loss would be great I am not expecting one. A maintain or a small gain is what I expect. I had a very un op week. Just couldnt remember my anchors when I needed them. But that is the beauty of ww. U can forgive yourself and start fresh the next day.

I will be op ALL day.

Have a great day everyone!!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/18

Good morning all. Hope this finds you all well. It's crappy and rainy out here today. Thought that there was a jackhammer going through my roof this morning when the thunder struck.
I got up at 5 to go downstairs and work out this morning. When I went back up later on to get dressed, I turned the light on and looked over and there was a dead (chewed up) bat on the floor. I FREAKED out!!! I absolutely am terrified of those things! I think the cats killed it and the dog chewed it up. How freaking disgusting! Just thinking about it gives me the willies. Of course, I made Jason come up and clean it up. There is no way that I would come within 5 feet of that thing.

Re: Daily Commitment 2/18

Good morning,ladies. Getting on here today before so late like yesterday. I have Lilly again, but I am enjoying her so much. She is growing like a little weed...already 4 months old and changing every day. She's rolling over and just being a little JOY!

Uki, our kids do grow up so fast! Seems like yesterday, my son was in high school, then it was off to college, now married and father of a precious baby girl. He's my baby and turned 29 last month!! Enjoy every thing all your children do, because they'll be on their own before you know it!!

Carrie, been there done that with oversleeping and then driving like a maniac, even if they hadn't forgotten their homework! LOL!

Chelsie, good luck at WW! At least your attitude is in the right place. I"m glad, too, that we can forgive ourselves and move on. That's what I have had to do with my recent bouts of not-so-OP! I don't think anyone can say they are 100% perfect 24/7.

Brooke, your cats apparently brought you a trophy while you were working out and the dog found it before you did! LOL! Our cat only brings birds and moles to the back door! I would freak if I saw a bat!

Hope everyone has a fantastic day! OP FOR ME!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/18

I'm OP today. blew it yesterday and Monday afternoon. Oh well, nothing I can do about those days but I'll do better today.

Re: Daily Commitment 2/18

Good morning everyone, from me too...just back from the gym, but taking a day off work to take my mom to a cardiologist appt and attend a progress rept meeting about her time there at the skilled nursing facility she is in. Hoping to get in a nail appt later in the day. Am OP all the way....even planning to pack up an OP lunch to take with me because I know there won't be time to stop and get anything. Laura hang in there....I know how hard it can be to get back OP after a day of struggle...hugs, Maajida

Re: Daily Commitment 2/18

I maintained !!! YEAH