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Food for 2/18

B'fast - Coffee with creamer
WW English Muffin with Omelet

Lunch - Boca burger on 1 pt bun
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Dill pickles

Dinner - Steak and shrimp on grill
Grilled Veggies (asparagus, zuchinni, yellow
squash, onion, and potato)

Snack - WW Yogurt, Hot Cocoa

Re: Food for 2/18

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - Chicken Nuggets/Side Salad from Wendy's.
Snack - 100 Cal. choc. cupcake
Dinner - PIZZA! I've saved my activity points and I'm having real pizza! On thin crust of course with lots of veggies.

Re: Food for 2/18

B. ww yogurt and banana

D. 1 pt bagel, ww cream cheese with sf jelly
sf pudding
sn. carrots, sf Jello

s. porkchops, mashed tators, carrots