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Daily Commitment 2/19

Good morning!

I am up early to get the gang off to school. Today I meet my mom this morning to take her to a doctor's appointment and then to go shopping and to lunch. I want to get the treadmill out of the way before I leave and also leave early enough to get my own running around done before we begin hers.

I am OP today again as well. Have a great day!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/19

OP running out the door to gym before work...have a great OP day all, maaj

Re: Daily Commitment 2/19

Good morning. I'm off to WW in about an hour. Jim is going with me so he can go to the mall and buy a new I-touch PDA. This will be his Christmas present. We try to ride share as much as possible. He'll have to hang out at Target while I'm in the meeting. I switched back to Simply Filling starting today. It's not a bad idea to count points every once in awhile to get the feel of portion size again but I'm much happier not counting. Don't expect much of a loss (if any) today. I almost always have a gain after a big loss.
Hope you all have a great day


(in case you don't check past threads-Aimee responded to her shout out)

Re: Daily Commitment 2/19

Okay ladies, I don't know what's going on with me but I messed up again yesterday. That's 3 days in a row. I just can't seem to stay OP, I'm so frustrated.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/19

Morning Everyone, hope u are all doing well. I just sitting here having my breakfast. I am going to try to not eat till 8 am I tend to last better thru the morning if I just wait that extra 45 min to eat in the morning. ( I usually eat the minute I get up.)

today I will put the last coat of paint on dd desk, clean the bathroom and do a little more reading. Had quite a good meeting last night. I am really beginning to like this new leader we have.
I will hit the treadmill here in about an hour and get it out of the way so I dont think about it all day.

laura, I know it is so easy to get frusterated by this because I went through the same thing. Make sure u are tracking EVERYTHING alot of times by the time I add it all up that number of points I eat makes me stop and get back on track. Also make sure your scale is put away. Give it away or if u r married have your husband put it away so u dont use it. My problems last week stemmed for weighing my self . Also messing up 1 day or 3 does not mean u have to keep doing it till your next meeting. Take it meal by meal for a day and by the next morning it will feel great to have one op day under your belt, then another , and then another. In our meetin last night our key quote was Negative thoughts become words, negaitve words become actions, and negative actions become habits. So just keep thinking positive so negative habits dont creep in. Good Luck and hang in there, u know u can do this.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/19


Hang in there. We have all had those days. Do you find that once you feel you have gone Off Plan, that you throw in the towel completely? Or is it more of that "a little here and a little there?"

The reason I ask, is that I used to always be an all or nothing WW'er. In other words, I was either PERFECTLY on plan or TOTALLY off plan. There was no middle ground for me. So I was either succeeding or failing miserably. I had to get to a place where I made WW fit my lifestyle. For me, this means balancing my meals. I allow myself treats each day and eating out from time to time, but then balance that with increased exercise and lighter meals that day.

Somtimes, it helps to look at the bigger picture. Instead of looking at the points you ate that day or the past 2 days, look at the points you ate over the week and average them out to see how much you ate. Figure in those extra 35 points, and you may find that you didn't do so badly afterall.

If it turns out that the week stunk and you really did go over your points badly, step back and look to see why. Were you depriving yourself of your favorite foods and feeling mad about it? Was it emotional eating? For me, I am not an emotional eater. I overeat because I LOVE the taste of food. I learned that for me, I must allow myself treats daily. If I don't, I over eat because I get mad that I "can't have" what I want.

Fill us in and let us help. We have ALL been there and done that or we wouldn't all be here too.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/19

Thanks Chels & Uki, I would say I'm all or nothing. If I mess up I'm going to think might as well eat the rest of the day. I'm either OP all the way or Off. I start with one thing and think ok, get up and go get something else, and just keep it up. I am an emotional eater and I have been going through some stuff with a friend. I also (maybe this is TMI) haven't had a period since Dec. and think I might be starting into menopause. Whatever the problem is I need to work through them and not turn to food. Thanks for your encouragement ladies, it means a lot.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/19

Hang in there Laura. I was in your shoes just a couple weeks ago. I was stressed out due to job situation and I just went hog wild for like 3 days. Then I had to just grab the bull by the horns so to speak and give myself a good pep talk and tell myself to "STOP". Just take it meal my meal, snack by snack. Don't let 3 days turn into 3 months. Remember all those reasons why you want to lose the weight and let that be your motivation.

With that said...I had PIZZA yesterday folks! Not homemade WW pizza either! The real deal. I didn't go crazy and eat the whole pie though :) (YAY) I never eat my activity points and I just felt like I needed to let myself have that pizza. I kept it thin crust and limited myself to 3 squares and it totally satisfied the crave.

So, hope you all are doing well today. I have a busy day with a packed schedule, so I'm gonna just say I'm doing great and I will post my meals in a bit.

Re: Daily Commitment 2/19

Good Morning at almost noon! Busy with the baby again. She's laying across my lap on her belly right now as I'm on the computer.

I'm OP today! Trying to have a much better week and hopefully a better weigh-in on Saturday. I think we are all suffering from the winter doldrums!! I do much better when I can get outside and do things and not be cooped up in the house. I used to like to get out and go shopping or something in the winter, but not with today's economy! I stay home and try to stay busy!

Hope you all are having a good day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Becky! Hope you're having a great day!!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/19

I am in the same boat with the ALL or Nothing, but I'm trying to just keep track. I followed everyone's advice and have been eating more filling foods after the gym (usually an apple on the way home) so I have time to get my lunch ready (chicken salad) and not starve so badly. I'm trying to stay ahead of the hunger. It gets hard when we have everyone/everything pulling us different directions, I think I got worn down and gave up on taking as good of care of myself.

I have been eating less though so I'm hoping to have lost this week. I feel like I have but I have my scale hidden in the garage and I don't use it. I weigh on Saturday, I'll let you know.