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Food 2/19

Evening everyone.
B. pb and j on toast

d. shredded pork on 1 pt bun with barbaque sauce
lettuce salad with egg white and lt dorthy lynch
1/2 pickle

sn. coffee

S. I made chicken pasta which was wonderful. If u are in the mood for cheese this is the bomb.

Take one package of The Rozini smart pasta cook it. Then add it to 20 ounces lt velveeta, 1 can of precooked chicken, 1 can cream of mushroom, 1 can cream of chicken. Add 1 cup water, then abunch of extras if u want they recommend, onion, red or green pepper, can of rotel, u could even throw in a couple cans of corn to make it go farther. With out all the veggies it is like 5 pts. per serving, serves 10 (serving is 1 cup) and I used Rotini noodles.

I couldnt believe how good it was I never thought I would be able to use velveeta on a diet!!