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Daily Commitment 2/20

Good Morning Everyone. I dont know if any of u had trouble but It was hard to get out of bed this morning for me!

Had a pretty good day yesterday. Ate all my points and a few activity but everything was healthy!

Today I am going to hop on the treadmill and get it done. Then put a final coat on the desk. Off to school for lunch with dd and then back home to clean a little. tonight is movie night I hope there are some good ones to rent.

op for me have a great day all!!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/20

Good morning everyone! I've been busy busy here at work. One of the doctor's I worked with last year had a baby last April and after her maternity leave, they placed her in another clinic. She was out and about taking her little one to a doctor's appt. so I got to see the baby..too cute!

Anyway, I'm doing well this week. I worked out last night and I've got the blister's on my feet to prove it, LOL! Won't be able to go as long as last night, but I hope to get a little workout in sometime before I hit the hay.

Been neat putting names with faces over on Facebook. Makes this a little more personal.

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/20

Good morning...here's to another OP day...I'm off work this am....dh having hernia surgery this morning...will run to the gym while he's in surgery and I'm waiting for them to let me in to see him. Planning to be OP despite the ongoing challenges....mom still in skilled nursing....daughter recently diagnosed with a congenital heart defect...system overload these days...but getting off program will only make things harder to cope with. Fairly pretty calm and hopeful. Hugs to all of you, Maajida

Re: Daily Commitment 2/20

Maajida good thoughts coming your way with all your "challenges"
Boy what a miserable day in Western NY. Snowing and blowing and cold. Went to the gym but the roads were bad enough that I should have stayed home. Got my 60 minutes water aerobics done but forgot my heart rate monitor so not sure how many calories I burned today. Of course, today the instructor worked us extra hard. I might have earned 4 activity points instead of the usual 3 but I'm only counting 3. I usually walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill after the pool but forgot my sneakers and I wore boots today so my walking was in the grocery store. Guess I should have stayed in bed. So far so good being back on Simply Filling. Didn't overeat for meals yesterday. I may have eaten beyond satisfaction on popcorn last night but got my oils in. I haven't been to facebook yet to see all of you. I have a page but don't have a picture and have never done anything with it. My friend in Hungary got me started.
Have a great day and weekend everyone.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/20

Good morning! I am back from getting the oil changed on my car. Yay!

It is pizza and a movie night here too. LOL I make homemade pizza and we get a DVD from the library. The kids love it and I can make the pizza healthy.

I need to check out facebook. I don't even really know what it is. (hangs head in shame)

I am off to get a few chores done. I got the treadmill done and that felt good.

Bad weather is headed our way tomorrow. No big deal since it is the weekend. :)

Re: Daily Commitment 2/20

Hi ladies, it's been fun seeing several of you on Facebook. Uki, I got started a month or so ago when I had people telling me I should join. It's just a place you can see old friends (from school or your past) and make new, chat, comment on pics or just leave them a note. Just go to facebook.com and sign up. Get some pics uploaded (I need lots more on mine) of you and your family and we'll all become your friend on it.

I'm OP today, I need to lose the weight I gained in the three days that I blew it. Hopefully I'll get it off by Monday's weigh in. If not I'll have a gain, oh well.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/20

Hey ladies! TGIF!!! I'm sooo ready for the weekend. I don't know what the plans are yet, but I just want a couple of days to relax and do whatever I want. I think on Sunday we are going to Sam's Club. I haven't been there in ages but some friends of ours are going and asked if we wanted to go along. I'm going to try and paint my bathroom or kitchen tomorrow. Can't decide which yet.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Re: Daily Commitment 2/20

I am so tired and ready to go to bed, but wanted to post on here before I do. It has been great seeing so many of you getting on Facebook! I love to look at pictures, so hopefully all of you will get more on your page or albums. If you look at mine, you can tell, I'm a picture taking freak! And those on FB are only the beginning. I am also an avid scrapbooker, so there are tons of pictures in my collection! I like seeing everyone and their families, as well!

I had my two youngest granddaughters today. Ellie (4) came out and spent the night last night and I had Lilly again for the day. I will miss here this week-end after having her here four days in a row! They both went home this afternoon after 5:00 and I wanted to colapse right then! LOL!

We had leftovers for dinner tonight and I have slowly managed to waste the last couple of hours accomplishing absolutely nothing but loading the dishwasher!

I've had another good OP day and will go to WW in the a.m. Hopefully this will be a better week than last!

Have a great evening everyone! I'm going to bed!