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Daily commitment 2/21

Good morning. Off to a good start on food this morning. Plan on being OP. Jim will have pizza for supper but I'm thinking of making polenta for my crust. Think I'll make up a batch and put it in a pie plate to set up then bake it for the crust. Haven't done this before but it sounds like it might work. No big plans for today. Hope you all have a great weekend.


Re: Daily commitment 2/21

Good morning Patty and everyone. Here's to another OP day. Bad storms are expected here in N. Calif. but no raindrops have showed up yet. My dh did well with his hernia surgery yesterday...hours later he was home and acting like nothing unusual had happened. But they said that today, after the anesthetic and numbing agents wear off, might be more uncomfortable for him despite the pain meds. He is feeling well enough that I can leave and go do my step class and then come right back. I had some temptations yesterday re getting off program...binge fantasies occurred when we drove by a gourmet market that had been the scene of several binge episodes in the past, and again I was tempted as I fixed a snack plate of salami and cheese for my dh, and those used to be binge trigger foods in the past, but this time was different...I had a stronger sense of the consequences of my actions re what happens when we get off program and I knew that the physical and emotional ramifications of that would make coping with stress even more difficult...so I hung in there...I am well aware that this is an accomplishment more meaningful than the actual scale numbers I think. Take care everyone...hope it's a happy and healthy weekend for all....maajida

Re: Daily commitment 2/21

Sounds like things are going well here! Good job, Maaj on avoiding the binge. Yahoo!

I am OP today. Got the treadmill done and meals planned. Off to do some running around and maybe take the kids to the library.

I am loving Facebook! Thank you to the person who got us all started. I wish I would have done this a LONG time ago! :)

Re: Daily commitment 2/21

Hey ladies, I know what you mean Uki, FB is fun. Maaj, way to avoid the binge. My mind is on baking homemade chocolate chip cookies right now and I'm trying hard to put it out of my head. I'm already way up from my weigh in Monday so I don't dare make those cookies.

I have my granddaughter today and tomorrow and I'm loving every minute of it. For those of you who are on FB she's the cute little one on my lap . Have a great weekend everyone.


Re: Daily commitment 2/21

Great job Maaj I am totally impressed. I have those same issues but don't conquer them usually so it's encouraging to know you did it and why. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Daily commitment 2/21

Late start on here again. Went to WW this a.m. Lost 3/4 pound, so I guess that was okay! I would like to have lost the gain from last week, but I guess I will have to deal with it and know not to go off program next time!

Went grocery shopping and clothes shopping today. We have a store going out of business and closing the doors next Wednesday, so I was able to find some slacks (6 pair) and crop pants (3 pair) and a sweater all for $86. I thought that was good! I guess there aren't very many size 10 in our town! Everything is just about gone, but I lucked in! I can wear the slacks to church and most of them are year round not seasonal. I have had only 1 black slack and 4 jeans that presently fit and nothing for spring! SO, this was a good bargain for me! I've given all my old clothes to one of my sisters and hopefully that will warrant me from ever getting back to size 1X or larger!!!!

Enough of all that....I went without eating while out, though, I was so busy, and came home HUNGRY! I went over 3pts just by my choices tonight! I just chalked them up to bonus pts! Tomorrow will not be so hectic and I will definitely eat on schedule!

Hope all of you have had a fabulous day and a great evening!