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Re: Daily Commitment 2/22

Good morning everyone. This has been a busy weekend, that's for sure. My friend that was in my wedding was back in town from Arkansas and I attended her baby shower yesterday. It was great seeing her. I've missed her a lot! Then, my grandma was up visiting in the eve. and we all got together yesterday evening at my aunts.

I didn't sleep well last night. Had nightmares and then around 7:30, got a call from my mom that my grandma had passed away in the middle of the night. Technically, she's my "step" grandma, buy she'd been married to my grandpa my whole life, so I never say "step", she's just an extra grandma, LOL. You all know what I mean. Anyway, I'm heading off to church in a little bit and letting my dad/mom help with the funeral plans and I'm just on stand by; I may be taking a road trip to my home town (1.5 hrs. away) later on today.

Anyway, wasn't OP yesterday and I feel that TOM coming on and I've been dealing with chocolate cravings like crazy. Yesteray at the shower there was food, but nothing "healthy". My blood sugar got really low and I got shaky (I'd forgotten to take my pill for that) and I just needed to eat what was there and try to get my level up before I passed out. Anyway, no loss on the scale this morning. That's OK though. I've done great on the excercise front this week and that's good. I'm learning there are other ways to measure success. Anyway, chat with you all later, have a healthy day!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/22

I'm wanting to get outside, but it is so chilly. I think I shall put on sweatshirt or something and go trim my roses, etc! I need to get out of the house!

OP for today. Getting ready to fix lunch shortly and have dinner planned for tonight! I love it when things are already prepared!!

Have a great Sunday afternoon!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/22

I'm late checking in today. I'm OP and going to WW tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to weighing in but I'm doing it anyways. Hope everyone is having a great day.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/22

Carrie, so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Sometimes those that are the most special to us aren't blood relatives. Take care of yourself. Stash some healthy emergency snacks in your purse. In the days to come with the funeral you may find times when there is nothing "good" to eat and you will be prepared.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/22

Got up early, had a 9:00 meeting and 11:00 church. It's always hard Sundays because I eat lunch early, kind of a brunch, then by 2:00 when I get home I'm starving. I feel like a dork eating snacks at church so I skip them. I'm still working on a plan for Sundays that works for me. Any ideas or easy to conceal snacks for my purse?????

I lost 1.6 this week which was wonderful. I worked out Mon-Fri and was honest in writing down everything I ate. But I've done what you guys said....ate a fruit after the gym (apple on my drive home everyday) so I don't starve to death. IT has really helped.

Thanks for the suggestions. I really missed being on this board