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Food 2/22

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - chicken and noodles and green beans
Snack - choc. cupcake
Dinner - Chili with Crackers
Snack - banana and pb2

Re: Food 2/22

CHicken salad for dinner with the best ever homemade italian dressing to get my oil in. I like olives and tomatoes on it and some freshly grated asiago cheese. Keeps the chicken interesting so I don't want to barf it up!

Re: Food 2/22

LOL over barfing up chicken, Lisa!!

B: eggwhites with musheroons(that is what Wes called mushrooms when he was little), canadian bacon, lite wheat toast

L: Whole Wheat pasta with marinara sauce

D: Oven fried chicken, mac and cheese, green beans

treat: Cookie dough sundae and toppings