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Re: Daily Commitment for 2/23

Morning to all! Finally got some walking done this a.m......didn't get but one day in last week since I had the baby. Of course, I could have done it at night if I hadn't been so tired!! LOL!! I needed some kind of excuse!

Hope today will be a better OP day. I, too, am wanting something late at night! I ended up eating two little SF popsicles just before bedtime, then I was freezing to death when I went to bed! They were 0 points and the only thing I could think of at the moment! I didn't have any Jello made or anything!

I need to head to the kitchen and eat some b'fast. I drank so much water after I was finished with my walking that I've had to wait to eat anything!

Hope all of you have a great Monday!

Re: Daily Commitment for 2/23

I am OP too. I got out this morning to get our taxes done, and earned AP's this morning as well.

Chelsie, I used to cut myself off at 8:00p or so, but now I don't. I LOVE having a treat before bed after I get the kids tucked in. It sort of feels like I am spoiling myself.

Time to unload the dryer and run the sweeper.

Re: Daily Commitment for 2/23

I went to WW today and gained .6 lbs. I'm okay with that since a few days ago I was up a lot more. They have a new points clicker to keep track of your pts. throughout the day. For those of us who don't write everything down you can still keep track of pts. They only had one left and I was the lucky one who got it. It's $5.00 and can go on your key chain, kinda cool, another gadget .

My WW leader has lost 100 lbs. and used Core all the way. She gave us a Spoon Bread recipe. I'll make a new post for it. Hope everyone is having a great day.


Re: Daily Commitment for 2/23

Good evening. I'm finally getting online. Left early this AM for the pool and then went to an all day sewing event at the quilt shop. Got about 1/2 a baby quilt pieced. My niece is having a baby in June so this may be for him. His older brother (3 in June) needs another bigger boy quilt so have to get busy on that also. I'll probably never have grandchildren so have to "adopt" my great-nephews.
Food is good. Used extra points today taking a PB2 sandwich and a fiber bar for my lunch. Everyone sounds like they are doing good. I think it was Chelsie who talked about eating at night. I've gotten in the habit of a bowl of popcorn at 9PM. It's something I really look forward to. Since I'm eating smaller amts. at meals I'm usually hungry by then.
Everyone have a great evening and a good tomorrow.