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Aimee makes the big time

Was just reading the Calorie King newsletter and clicked on a recipe. At the bottom it says it is from Aimee's Adventures. Way to go Aimee.


PS- the recipe is for a crockpot breakfast of potatoes, ham and egg. Sounds good

Re: Aimee makes the big time

forgot to post the link


Re: Aimee makes the big time

Aimee totally deserves recognition like that! Her recipes are wonderful - family friendly, healthy, and made with ingredients that REAL people actually eat! :) I HATE those cookbooks where there are too many ingredients and many of them are things I don't have on hand and don't want to have to go to a gourmet shop to buy. If I can't get it at the local grocery or Super Wal-Mart, it isn't for me. LOL