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Re: Daily commitment 2/24

Good morning! I am up and getting chores done today. I don't have any errands to do today and that is fine with me. LOL

I fought with Wes' health teacher this morning. She wouldn't allow him to finish his quiz yesterday and I was angry about it because I feel that the purpose of testing is to see whether a child knows the material, not how fast they can answer the questions. She finally agreed to allow him to finish it today. Wow - thanks... (sarcasm here)

On the flip side, I had a great talk with Anna's teacher and it was the exact opposite. She so wants the kids to understand the material. YAY!

Got the treadmill done and meals are planned.

Have a great day!

Re: Daily commitment 2/24

Good morning everyone. I had to juggle my work schedule around the funeral this week, so today, I'm working all day and will have tomorrow off. So, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, that's where I'll be.

Anyway, did great food wise yesterday. Had to stop the treadmill for a couple days due to giant blister on the bottom of my foot that is healing and like Pat, I have missed it.

Hope you all have a healthy OP day.

Re: Daily commitment 2/24

I'm OP today.


Re: Daily commitment 2/24

I was trying to avoid getting out of bed to work out this morning but then DD decided to get up at 5 so I ended up having to get up anyway so I figured that since I was up, I might as well work out. I was just really tired.
We painted and put new flooring and trim in the bathroom this weekend. It turned out really nice. Then, yesterday I painted my laundry room and it turned out pretty nice also. All of that work did a toll on my body. I was sooo sore yesterday.
I weighed in yesterday and only had a .2 loss from last week. That isn't very good but I have no one to blame but myself. I ate horribly this weekend. Oh well, it's a new week so I will just have to get back on it.

Re: Daily commitment 2/24

Morning everyone. I'm on child watch today to see if my 6 year old will throw up again. She's looking much better but you just never know (threw up at the gym and grocery store yesterday!)

Re: Daily commitment 2/24

Late getting on here this a.m. Did my walking early and then was busy with "stuff". I just finished my b'fast and that's not good. I just can't make myself eat early, but then I will be ready for lunch before long! LOL! Got to beat that habit!

I'm OP for the day. I've already gotten in 8 glasses of water. I'm going to float out of the computer room in a few minutes! LOL! When I do my exercise, I'm always thirsty afterwards and I drink several glasses after that, then I have several glasses when I'm eating. I still believe that water is a key, even though the new deal says "any liquid". Of course, I spend a lot of my day in the bathroom! LOL!!!

I'm going outside to see how cool it is and hope I can stay out to work more in my flower beds to get them ready for spring. I AM SO READY for it to get here!

Hope everyone has a great OP day! Toodles!