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Daily Commitment 2/26

It sure looks like folks had a good day yesterday!

Yay, Chelsie on the loss. Slow and steady wins the race. Remember the tortoise and the hare?

Today is a busier day for me. I have to mail Wes' ebay thing, stop by the gas station to look for Scott's gas cap (yes, he drove off without putting it on), maybe buy a new gas cap, go to the dentist, stop by the store, get my mom to the doctor, get my mom to another store, pick up prescriptions, and then have lunch! What a crazy morning!!

I am going to get the guys off to school and then get the trainer out of the way so that isn't hanging over my head. Tonight's supper is going in the crockpot so that will be one less thing to try to remember.

Have a great OP day!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/26

Good morning. I'm off to WW in a little while. Hope to have a loss even if it is small. The meeting today is supposed to be about the Simply Filling technique. My leader has already told the group that I'm a pro. What pressure. It should be a good meeting since the leader does the SF also. After the meeting I have to take my car in to the dealer. Honda has recalled it to do something to a belt in the engine. The good news is that it is free. They have wireless in the waiting room so will take my laptop and have something to do while I wait.
Fixed orange roughy fish for supper last night. It was very good. I usually use tilipia but decdied to try this. Just sprinkled it with Old Bay seasoning and a little Wondra flour fried it in a little oil. Made quinoa and added frozen peas and mushrooms, that was good also.
Well, better get busy.
Have a great day everyone

Re: Daily Commitment 2/26

Well I sure thought I would be running around doing appointments as well but mother nature sure put a stop to that. Freezing Rain with sleet snow. WIth the possiblity of rain and hail. Isnt that a forcast!!! So I dont think I will be heading out of town. It was a hearing screening for my daughter but we will have to reschedule.

Had a pretty good day yesterday. Induldged in a small steak with some potatoes and onions on the grill. Had popcorn for snack but only ate half the bowl I was just not needing it anymore.

I will hop on the treadmill atfter I get the kids off to school and then do some cleaning.
op for me have a great day!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/26

OP for me today, but don't know about the walking today! I am so sore from yesterday afternoon's work in the yard that I have places hurting that I had forgotten I had! LOL! I also have all the allergies flairing up, also, from the Bradford pear trees, etc! I haven't slept to good the last two nights because of it! I will take another allergy tablet shortly. Oh, well, I really enjoyed my working! It is warm again here today, but going to be windy, so no burning more leaves. I got a portion of them done late in the afternoon while the wind was down yesterday. I trimmed crepe myrtles, also, and my left shoulder can really tell it!!

So much for my work efforts! The food challenge was okay yesterday, ended up with points to try and use last night! Now I get up this a.m. and can only think of "what can I eat already?" My head is trying to tell my stomach that it's starving for something and don't know what! Oh, I need to get off that soapbox! Sorry!!

Hope everyone has a good one today. I'm off to eat some breakfast!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/26

Good morning ladies. I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed this morning to exercise so it looks like I will either be doing it tonight or this will be considered my off day.
It is really foggy outside right now. Kind of makes me want to crawl under my desk and take a nap. The boss is gone today so it will be a long, slow day for me. Guess that means I will have time to look for some new recipes and things!
I cleaned the house and did laundry last night and tonight plan on scrapbooking with my best friend.
Tomorrow is Friday!!! Woohoo!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/26

Good morning, I'm back.

Yesterday, went back to my home town for a funeral; my grandma. Afterwards, spent some time with my family. The funeral was kind of early, so we had lunch together and visited. We ended up at an antique mall b/c my mom wanted my opinion on something she was wanting. I ended up buying a cake plate. Last couple times I hosted a family get together I needed one and didn't have one, so I bought one! LOL

I ended up staying late and we went out to eat at like a buffet type place. I was craving veggies and so I had lots of different veggies, one roll, and a small amount of pot roast. I also tried some grilled salmon that was very good. I got home rather late and totally crashed. All in all, I held up ok and it was great seeing my family and some family memembers that I hadn't seen in years.

Today, back OP. I'm sure I did fine yesteray, but when you aren't preparing your own food, it's hard to say how much butter and "stuff" was really in those veggies.

Have a good one.

Re: Daily Commitment 2/26

I'm sitting at the car dealers waiting for my car to be fixed. It's nice that they have wireless connection. Just left WW. Lost 0.8 this week. Our meeting about Simply Filling was very good. There are a few of us doing it and some of the points counters asked good questions. We'll see if anyone else comes over to the SF side.
Chelsie you can keep that weather but I'm afraid it is heading East by the weekend.


Re: Daily Commitment 2/26

I'm clear in the west and our weather has turned crappy too. Hailing, raining, windy! So much for taking a walk today, I think I'll do my Slim in 6 video, it kicks my butt but has good music so I won't get bored. My youngest daughter had a fever last night so looks like I'm stuck home again today. My house is going to be so clean by the time my kids aren't sick anymore

I have done surprisingly well on my tracking and food choices this week and last. Last week I lost 1.6 (amazing for me) and I'm really excited to see a loss this week however small (or big ).

Hope you all have a cheery day with this dreary weather!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/26

Well, I made a huge decision and cut my hair off today on my lunch hour. I kept saying that I was going to grow it out, but I just don't think I am a long hair kind of person because I don't have the patience to wait for it to grow out. It was finally starting to get there, but oh well, it's just hair. It will grow back. I posted a pic of it on FaceBook for those of you who are on there!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/26


I like the new style.

I cut mine shorter than usual awhile back and had more layers put in. I'm still trying to decide if I like it. Still experimenting with my new curling iron.

Re: Daily Commitment 2/26

Brooke, love the hair style very cute. I've had every length hair. Jim is nuts for long hair. Was in the middle of my back when we got married in 1970. The style then was absolutely straight. Over the years its been everything from 1/2 inch all over to long. I haven't had mine cut for almost 2 years now and it is again in the middle of my back. Now it is no problem because I wear it up in a clip all the time (great for exercising). I love my son's attitude when his (ex) wife would cut her hair. He would always say its only hair and it will grow back if you don't like it.