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Daily commitment 2/27

Good morning everyone. Well we woke up to a light dusting of snow over ice and are getting more today. not much but enough to shovel I guess. Yesterday was some pretty crazy weather but They told us to be thankful it was rain because if it was colder that would have made for alot of snow!!

Did pretty good being op yesterday. Was craving pb alot. Finally got on the treadmill at 730 last night. It was a hard 300 cal to burn I just didnt want to do it. I was going to do it earlier but my hubby got told about two layoffs at his work as well as a meeting at 430 so once I started cleaning I couldnt stop and I had to do something to keep from worrying and eating. Ends up they are just going to lower hours for a few weeks and lay those two off temporarily. Thank goodness we cant both be laid off.

So today I plan on getting down on the treadmill when I am done writing this and then its cleaning some ceiling fans YEAH!!!

hope u all have a wonderful day TGIF!!!

op wishes to all

Re: Daily commitment 2/27

Good morning. Hope you all are doing well. Had a good OP day yesterday. I did pretty well. It's raining here in my part of the world. Has been for about 2 days. Kind of a cold rain and it's super gloomy.

I'm glad it's Friday! This has been a crazy week for me. I've been back/forth all over the place trying to work 2 jobs/attend funerals/stay on top of the house and the kids/homework. I feel kind of overwhelmed. Hopefully, next week will be better.

Have a good one!

Re: Daily commitment 2/27

Good morning! It's Friday!!! I managed to get out of bed this morning and get my work out done. I can't believe the differnce I can tell on the days that I don't work out vs. the days that I do get up and do it! I feel so good about myself. So good, in fact, that I decided to bring my camera with my to work to take a full body picture to use for comparrison photos.

My mom left this morning to come home for the weekend for a visit. I can't wait to see her. I haven't seen her since right after Thanksgiving (before I started WW). I'm hoping she notices the difference in my weight. She also is a WW (lifetime) member. She has lost 45 pounds and looks great!

Chelsie - glad to hear that your husband isn't losing his job!

Re: Daily commitment 2/27

Good morning. No gym for me today. We got invited by friends to go to breakfast. I was worried about what to order to stay on plan but got plain oatmeal with unsweetened blueberries and black coffee. That was my usual breakfast at home so I felt good about that. After Jim gets off the phone trying to get our new Tracfone set up I'll start the laundry. The laundry room is next to his den and the noise from the washer sometimes gets really loud. I'm thinking that we may need a new washer sometime soon.
Not much going on here today except household chores. I plan on cooking OP meals today and over the weekend but don't know what that will be.
Have a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 2/27

OP for me too. We got up and found the sump pump had quit. Scott, bailed water and I drove to Lowe's. The first 2 I bought (Scott wanted 1 to put in and 1 as a backup) were the wrong kind. I took them back and bought 2 more. 1 worked and 1 didn't. I took the broken one back and got ANOTHER one. That made 3 trips to Lowe's this morning. ACK! The last time, I stopped at Wal-Mart too and got my groceries and now I am home and eating breakfast. Good grief!

Chelsie - that is great news that your DH didn't lose his job! And good job battling the PB cravings. I get those ALL the time.

No exercise for me today. I am pooped from driving around. I think I will actually take a nap today.

Have a good one!

Re: Daily commitment 2/27

Having an OP day here today. I've been cleaning out my closet and putting away all my "too big" jeans. Now that I have the new stuff I bought last week-end, I won't feel like I'm going to be naked when I put the old stuff away! I gave most of my church outfits and better stuff to one of my sisters in January. I don't want them just put away and have them to fall back into if I go beserk or something!! LOL!

Our weather is crazy here. I didn't get outside yesterday since my allergies are kicking up so bad. It was too windy to rack or blow leaves and that is about all I have left to do. Today I'm staying inside, too, just doing "stuff".

Food is going okay today!! Tomorrow I weigh in!! Have a good one everyone!!

Re: Daily commitment 2/27

just checking in..OP but just swamped between work and family....have a good weekend, all. maajida