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Daily Commitment 2/28

Happy last day of February! Wow! March will soon be upon us, and hopefully that will bring some spring like weather to Ohio. I am so ready!

I had a good food day yesterday despite all the stress over the basement. We did get it taken care of with no damage.

We are out and about today. Wes wants to goto the mall to see about buying a hoodie with his ebay money. We are having lunch out, but I will make good choices and will get the treadmill out of the way before we go.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Re: Daily Commitment 2/28

Hi Uki and everyone...sorry I haven't posted much this last week....was still OP every day with healthy eating and exercise....I get too tempted early in the am. with wanting to post more, and then I end up being late to the gym before work and missing out on more cardio before wt. training stuff. So I have to force myself to wait till later in the day to post. Lots of stress here with health issues in the family, and have been tempted so many times re getting totally off program, but am hanging in there. Was thrown for a loop when my weekly weighin on Monday showed a two pound gain when I hadn't even been off program...and the temptation to just yield to the "why bother" mentality was incredibly strong...but as I said, I am hanging in there and noticing other ways of looking at progress like better clothes fit and more energy and wishing you all a great weekend. Maajida

Re: Daily Commitment 2/28

Good morning. Another OP day for me. Maajida I understand the mentality of why bother when you have a gain. I seem to lose then gain frequently but have to look at the overall trend which is down. One of the places that I record my weight shows a graph and that visual helps.
Not much planned today. Tomorrow I have to work from 6:30 AM till noon. I'm dreading getting up at 5. Then next week I may have to work a couple days of 4 PM to midnight. Can't complain since this is the first work since Thanksgiving. It'll be nice to have a little play money for more fabric.

Have a great day everyone


Re: Daily Commitment 2/28

Good Evening Everyone. Had one heck of a hectic day but was able to stay op for which I am quite proud.
We were supposed to get up at 530 and somehow overslept till 7 and needed to leave by 730. Well we made it out by 740 with bran muffins that I made last night and a packed lunch completely op. Made it to Jujitsu 45 min away and after that we went and ran around to the stores we needed to go to. Ate on the way to a town 45 min away to go swimming for my neices bday party. Then went to pizza hut where they paid for buffet. I stayed complely op It felt so good to stay in control since I havent really felt like I have for a couple of weeks. I didnt even have the cake. After that we ran back home 20 min away to bring my girls to The dance show at their school. At intermission I didnt give in to the treats. BAck home finally at 830 I thought good I can have my popcorn and glass of diet pop and relax, till my parents decided to stay for coffee and brought doughnuts!! I made my popcorn and enjoyed it. It helps my mom does ww to so I dont feel bad passing up on what they bought.

So I am now pooped! Ready to relax tommorrow. Didnt get any treadmill in today but Jujitsu was pretty intense so I sure I got a calorie burn out of that. My husband recieved his green belt today. Quite an honor since he has only been taking this class since Oct. It is his third belt. I was very proud of him.

Sound like u are all doing wonderful staying op. Even for those who are under alot of stress. It makes me remember that when I have those times I dont need to look to food for comfort. So thanks to everyone for taking the time to post here.