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Daily commitment 3/1

Happy March. I was up at 5 and at work at 6:30. Couldn't face breakfast at 5:15 so took a bowl of cereal and some milk and ate it at 6:30. Forgot how hard it is to get up that early. 7 seems early for me. Took some PB2 on a lite english muffin for lunch. Not sure what I'll make for supper yet. Hope you all have a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 3/1

morning or actually afternoon everyone. I am getting lazier as the day goes on. Just got done having brunch with my family . We decided to have a huge breakfast/lunch instead of making two meals so I am stuffed. not used to eating that much in one meal but it was all made op so now I am so full I could use a nap!

That probley wont happen but I will sit down and read the paper. Will go walk on the treadmill later today hoping I have my energy back by then.

hope u all have a great sunday
op for me

Re: Daily commitment 3/1

Just jumping on to say I'm OP today and hope you all are having a great day. We are one day closer to spring, btw!

Re: Daily commitment 3/1

Jumping on too, also say I'm OP today....a hectic few days lately...so nice to spend today just staying at home, not going anywhere...watching silly movies, sleeping, reading, drawing, playing piano and being OP. Take care everyone, and I sure am grateful for all the words of support and encouragement lately. Love, Maajida