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Daily Committment for 3/2

Can't believe no one has been on here yet! My internet was down all day yesterday, so I was having withdrawal not being able to get on here or FB!

Went to WW Saturday a.m. and had lost 1 1/4 pounds, so I am finally a little more encouraged! I have gotten an allery/cold/sinus something or other and have felt awful since midddle of last week! So far, my Benadryl isn't helping a lot! It was from working outside in the damp leaves, pollen, etc! YIPPEE!!

Been OP over the week-end. Just now having my cup of coffee and going to do my walking. I skipped several days since I wasn't feeling good, but think I will try to tackle it this a.m.

Hope everyone has a great OP day.

Re: Daily Committment for 3/2

Good morning everyone. op for me today. I will tackle the treadmill here shortly. I will get my chores done around the house this morning and then off to read at my dd school this afternoon. tonight I am having an insurance guy come over because they keep bugging me to go over my policies. After that I willl enjoy a nice night with just us girls.

have a great op day

Re: Daily Committment for 3/2

Good afternoon. Home from the gym and Aldi's. Boy is it cold here. We missed the big East coast storm but sure got the cold wind. Diane congrats on the loss this week. Not much happening here. I'll do some sewing later and then just chill. Everyone have a great day. Oh, forgot to tell you that we went out to dinner on Sat. night with friends. The 3 others had pizza but I had grilled fish with marinara sauce and whole wheat pasta. Was really proud of my choice. Now if the scale shows it I'll be doublely happy.


Re: Daily Committment for 3/2

Good morning (almost afternoon). Well, I weighed in this morning and sure enough gained a pound. I knew it was coming because I have been doing awful on the eating part. Back on track today! I have got to get some more of this weight off before my sister's wedding in May.
The weekend went by way too fast. My mom was here for a visit so it was nice seeing her and I know she enjoyed seeing the kids. It's always hard when it's time for her to go back. Our time together is never long enough.
Not much of anything planned for the week. I have to get my laundry done and put away, but that's it. Hope you all have a great day.

Re: Daily Committment for 3/2

Went to WW today and lost 1.8 lbs. I wasn't even sure if I was going to go today since I had done so bad last wk. I'm glad I did. Out to eat for my mom's b/day tonight at an Italian place, hopefully I'll do ok.


Re: Daily Committment for 3/2

I disappeared for a couple of days. I lost .6 when I weighed in on Saturday. I was happy. Then I had a meltdown (full out bawling) Saturday and Sunday (not one of my son's grandparents showed up for his baptism Saturday) and I cried and cried. Then I ate sugary treats. Not so good. When I am that upset I really don't know how to deal with it. How do I accept something that makes me so sad.??? Do you just move on or do you ever tell them how it hurts your feelings. They had lame excuses and it makes me so sad inside.

I'm going to work out twice as hard this week to make sure I don't gain any weight this Saturday. I'm back on eating plan and I'm going to try and figure out how to deal with those situations that make me that sad. Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Daily Committment for 3/2


Sorry the grandparents didn't show up for the baptism. Did you let them know how upset you were? I't would be hard for me not to call and give them a piece of my mind! I would have cried too, seriously! I too, turn to food when I get like this, I guess out of frustration and wanting something to make me feel good.

I've been out and about today with DH; who took the day off. We had the appraiser here this morning since we are refinancing the house. Went to Walmart, banks, and to hair cut place for my little one.

I'm struggling today. I WANT chocolate and I'm dealing with some serious cravings. However, I'm trying to think about something else.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Re: Daily Committment for 3/2

I didn't tell them. I thought it didn't matter until my dad called the day before to chat and give me his "I don't have any money" excuse and that was it. I cried a bit Friday night and couldn't hold it together well saturday. I'm afraid I will tell them and it won't be nice.

Re: Daily Committment for 3/2

Lisa, just think of it that the grandparents are the ones that lost out on an important part of your son's life. Concentrate on the purpose of the baptisim. I'm not sure I would put myself through the problems that might come up if you tell them off. If you can calmly tell them that you were sad that they couldn't join you without getting all hot and bothered that might work. Just remember that you and your immediate family are the most important. Above all, don't get yourself so upset that you turn to food and undo all the good you have done.


Re: Daily Committment for 3/2

Late check in over here.

Lisa, are your parents Christians? The reason I ask, is that I am wondering if they didn't see it as "that big a deal," because of their views? My mom didn't come to the kids' baptisms either, and that is because she is not saved and to her this is no big deal. It makes me sad, but all I can do it pray for her. I can totally understand your sadness at their not being there. Baptism is such an amazing experience. I remember when I was baptized (I was an adult), it was a life changing event for me. I knew that my salvation was not dependent upon it, but it was such a powerful, symbolic event. Pat is right - it is your parents who missed out. :(

Mitch is sick. I think it is the flu. He has a fever around 101 and a bad headache. His tummy hurts but I think that is because I forgot his miralax BOTH Saturday and Sunday. Bad mommy! I gave him advil and tucked him in and told him to wake me in the night if he needed more advil. I HATE when they are sick. I feel so helpless.

I am seeing a chiropractor for my neck and shoulders. I hope it helps. I have had such pain for so long and nothing helps. My mom says they are great. I have always been skeptical... I'll let you know. I go again tomorrow. I have to go 3 (!!!!) times a week for the first 3 weeks. I feel like that is all I do. LOL I guess I will have to take Mitch with me tomorrow. Poor little dude.

Have a good evening!