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Daily commitment 3/3

Good morning everyone. Just reading yesterday's messages and it seems like life is a never ending adventure for all of us. Uki hope Mitch feels better. I go to a chiropractor for my back and it has been a lifesaver. I think I'm down to only needing once a month but at first it was 3X per week. Hope it helps.
Been eating OP but the scale isn't showing much movement. That's what I get for weighing everyday. Saw an ad in the Sunday paper for a clinical trial for chronic constipation. I called yesterday and will have an interview next Thurs. Sounds like the trial could last for over a year if I get in. I feel like the old ladies that I used to take care of at the nursing home. The only thing they worried about was when they had their last BM and when the next meal was. Oh well, we'll see what happens.
Today is quilt club which will be most of the day. Everyone have a great day.


Re: Daily commitment 3/3

good morning everyone...sorry I haven't been checking in as much...seems like I am always running out the door to somewhere, lol. I can identify with the lack of scale movement, Patty, but I know the important thing is that we are staying OP no matter what...our bodies and our emotions will be so glad we did. Have a good day everyone. Maajida

Re: Daily commitment 3/3

good morning everyone hope today is treating u all well. I remained op yesterday until the pb called my name at 930. I need to just go to sleep I am only eating because I am tierd. Well today is new and so are my points.
After my excersice and cleaning I am taking my youngest dd into the doctor for her kindergarten physical. then it is off to chase my kids around at their various activities. Tonight is jujitsu hopefully I will be able to participate. I pulled or strained something in my sholder yesterday and the only thing I can think of that pulled it was holding a book up to the side while reading to my dd preschool class!! so ibuprophen and ice today.

Hope u all have a fabulous day

Re: Daily commitment 3/3

Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing well. Yesterday was pretty bad for me on the food front. I actually did fine up until 8pm and the cravings just got the best of me. It's like something came over me and I just dived in. You name it, I ate it, LOL. (Ok, it's not that funny, but still). I've noticed this last couple of months that when it's that TOM the cravings are like unreal. So, naturally today I feel guilty and I'm beating myself up.

I've heard other people say that take this Metformin like I do that if they eat sugar it makes them sick or something. I'm not one of those people I guess. That or I am on too low of a dose and it doesn't have that effect on me. I'm wondering if raising my dosage (with dr's approval, of course) would help me out some. Maybe if sugar actually made me ill then I wouldn't want it so bad. I don't know. Sounds like I'm trying to find a pill to solve my problem, huh?

Anyway, it's like I got it all out of my system and this morning, the desire for ding dongs is gone and I'm actually wanting and looking forward to my salad and yogurt this afternoon.

Hope you all are doing better than I on the food front.

Re: Daily commitment 3/3

Carrie, I take 2,000 mg. of Metformin and sugar doesn't affect me like that, kind of wish it did. I know what you mean about staying OP all day and then just going crazy at night. Hang in there, today's a new day and new choices.

I'm doing ok, like I said yesterday I lost 1.8 lbs. but then didn't do too good when I got home, such is life.


Re: Daily commitment 3/3

I agree that night time is the worst for cravings. I know I get that mindset of "it's the end of the day and I will treat myself." I purposely schedule in my treat for that time. I used to feel bad about eating that late, but I read that Roni, of Roni's Weigh, does the same thing. She has a snack at 11p or midnight. Mine is more like 10p, but then I eat it and look at the clock and think, I can't eat anymore - it is too late. If I ate my snack earlier, I seemed to justify eating more and more because it "wasn't too late." Makes no sense, I am sure, but it works for me. LOL

Thanks for the well wishes on Mitch. He still had a feer this morning, but was better by the time I needed to go to the chiropractor. I had planned to cancel, but we went. I think it is helping. He added exercises for my shoulders today.

So, we are home and I will put him down for a nap soon. I am hoping he eats something soon. He hasn't eaten since breakfast YESTERDAY! :(

Re: Daily commitment 3/3

Sounds like everyone is on the mend and busy as usual. I'm taking a sick day today, trying to fight this sinus head cold. I sat most of this morning staring at the TV sitting at the kitchen table "thinking" about doing the dishes

Was it Carrie eating everything in sight? That was me Sunday. If it had sugar in it I was all over it. I got back on track the next day though so I can see a loss or at least no gain by Saturday. I really don't want to move up on the scale.

Hope you all have a nice day!

Re: Daily commitment 3/3

Well, I'm checking in really late. I had the 4 month old granddaughter today, so I wasn't on the computer very much until now!

I can relate to all of you late "want to snack" people!!! I just finished a bag of popcorn and that's the last of my points. My day didn't go as planned eating wise, so I had a bunch of points left tonight after dinner. I had a hot cocoa, an apple, a 2pt Fiber One bar, then a bag of pop corn. I've got to go to bed now....I have nothing left to eat! LOL! No, I can find some 0pt items when I'm really wanting something! We are all just alike!

I did have an OP day regardless of how it sounds! LOL! I just didn't have anything with points at lunch and that sort of threw me off. I had the O pt vegetable soup and was so busy until time to fix dinner that I didn't even have a snack.

Hope everyone has had a good evening and will have a great day tomorrow. I will have Lilly again, so I may be late getting on here again! I have to check in, though, no matter what time!! Toodles!!