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Daily Commitment 3/4

I'm the first up? That doesn't happen too often.

Hope you all are well this morning.

On the food front, had a much better day yesterday than the day before. I managed to stay OP all day and not give in to any cravings.

Today is my short day at work so right now I'm tackling some laundry and hanging out with my little one. So, have a great OP day and I will try to as well.

Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

Count me in for the day. I am cleaning the house because of Mitch being sick. I have disinfected everything I can, and am washing towels and sheets too.

I take Mitch to the doctor later this morning. I suspect this is just a virus and needs to run its' course, but I still want him checked out.

Not much else to report. Doing fine on the food and exercise front. :)

Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

Op for me today as well. Had a good day yesterday as well. This morning I will be looking up recipies for a potluck this Saturday and then going to work in my daughters school this afternoon. At noon I go weigh in and I am looking forward to it. Last week was all my water weight so I should at least lose that!!

Got hamburgers out for supper tonight and will just sit around and relax. Tommorow I take my god son because his mom is having another baby. So I will watch him and then bring him up to his mom later. He is pretty active and I am not used to having little boys around so I better get my rest today!!!

I hope all of u have a wonderful magnificnt op day!!

Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

Hello everyone. Sorry I didn't get on here yesterday. I went home sick on Monday and when I came in to work yesterday I had a lot of stuff to catch up on.

DH and I really need your prayers right now. He was injured at work a couple weeks ago and has been getting treated by a work comp doctor. Yesterday he was called into the office at work and fired. They told him that it was because he messed up one of the jobs (he builds cabinets and countertops) that they had, but I'm almost positive that has nothing to do with it. The way things work there is the boss does all of the designing and measurements and the guys do all of the building off of the measurements. Well, the design for the job was wrong therefore the build was wrong and DH got blamed for it. I don't know what we are going to do. I am just sick right now. There is no way that we can live off of my salary alone. I am trying to stay positive for DH but it is really hard. He has physical therapy this morning and then is going to do some job hunting. He called one of the temp agencies yesterday and they told him to come in today so I think he is going to go there first.

I work for an attorney that handles just these types of cases so I filled out one of our papers and gave it to him yesterday and I hope that he will take the case.

In the meantime, please keep DH and our family in your prayers. Thanks.

Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

Thought I would get on here while Lilly is taking a morning nap! Trying to catch up on FB, too, so it takes me a while.

I'm OP for the day again. This week seems to be going a little better for me! Just have to decide today's menu, though!

Re: Daily Commitment 3/4


I am so sorry to hear about this. YOu are in my prayers for sure. Do you think the company fired him to get out of paying the worker's comp bills? I know some places are TERRIBLE about that, even though it is totally their responsibility. I hope the attorney you work for can get to the bottom of this and fast!

Hang in there and keep us posted. God won't give you more than you can bear and He will care for you.


Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

Brooke....my heart goes out to you and your family. I hope he finds a job quickly and mends quick too.

Something similar happened to my brother in law about 6 weeks ago...he was fired from his job just out of the blue. He was always on time, rarely used his sick/vacation time, never had been written up, etc. It was a shock to him and my sister. Unfortunately, Indiana is an "at will" employer and they don't have to have a reason to terminate and unfortunately there isn't really a lot they can do about it.

Keep your chin up and try not to let the stress get too you. Just pull together and for sure get started on filling out the unemployment stuff b/c here in Indiana there is about a 3-4 week wait for the first check.

I'll be praying for ya!

Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

Back from the gym and chiropractor. Decided to up my calorie burn at the gym today. Added an extra 15 minutes to the 60 I normally do in the water. Did 45 (instead of 30) minutes on the treadmill at the highest elevation. Hope it shows on the scale tomorrow.
I've been eating popcorn every night. It is a filling food and I count the oil but think I'm eating too much. When I have the big bowl in front of me I end up eating it all. I think I need to measure out 3 cups and just eat that. I fall into the trap that if it is a filling food I can eat more. I've cut down my meal portions but still have to work on snacks.
I'm watching last night's Biggest Loser.
Hope you all have a great day


Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

Brooke, I'm so sorry to hear about your husbands job. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

Hugs and prayers from my family to yours Brooke.

Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

Good Evening Everyone.

Sorry to hear about what happend Brooke. I knew something was up after your post on FB yesterday. I am sure the next few weeks will be very stressful. I will be thinking of u and your family. And if u need to talk, yell or just rant were all here for u!!!

I have had a pretty good day. Havent gone over my points thus far and hope to keep it that way. Since I will have a 2 year old tomorrow from 630 on I plan on getting up with my dh at 5 and excersising. Otherwise it will never get done.
Weighed in at noon and I lost 2 lbs. WOHOO!!!

have a great night everyone

Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

Chels - congrats on the loss!

Good luck with the 2 yr. old as well!

Re: Daily Commitment 3/4

great job Chelsie, that is totally awesome. I'm over here drinking sprite being sick wondering if I should show up to weigh in on Saturday. Good to remember it can be done when you take the time.