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Daily commitment 3/5

Good morning everyone. I'm off to WW in an hour and then have to work in the afternoon. It's only a 2 hour job today. Not much happening here except SUNSHINE. Supposed to get warmer for a couple days and then colder again. Did you remember that the time changes this Sunday? I heard that on the news last night and didn't believe it till I went online and confirmed. Maybe Spring is really on the way.
Gave myself a good talking to about my popcorn consumption. Instead of making a whole panful for each of us I made one panful and measured out 4 cups for me then measured the rest and I have been eating 8-9 cups of popcorn every night. No wonder my weight hasn't been going down. I know I can eat to satisfaction but with popcorn I'm satisfied when the bowl is empty no matter what size the bowl. I've been using a salad plate for dinner and I think that has helped with potions. Well, better get going. I'm taking my lunch with me so I'm not tempted to drive-thru.

Have a great day

Re: Daily commitment 3/5

Good morning! Praise God! Mitch's fever broke and he has been fever free for 24 hours now. Yahoo! Now, I pray that none of the rest of us get it...

Off to go to the store to replenish the cupboards. I got the trainer out of the way and food is planned for the day. I put a chicken in the crockpot for dinner, so I don't need to worry about that.

Have a great day!

Re: Daily commitment 3/5

Good morning everyone.

Pat I agree about the popcorn whether I eat a 100 calorie bag or a full bag the first couple handfuls are what I need and then I am satisfied. But I too will eat the whole bag i cant stop and leave any.
hope u have a good meeting.

Uki that is great about mitch. hope he and all of u stay well.

Me I am up and going. Still in my sweats but at least I am up and moving. Walked on the treadmill about 20 min this morning before my god kids got here. Got every one off to school that needs to be. a little cleaning and laundry and then an insurance guy this afternoon.
After that I am outside as much as possible it is going to be over 60 degrees!!!

have a great day op for me !!!

Re: Daily commitment 3/5

Still sick over here. Wondering about a sinus infection maybe or just if this sinus cold is hanging on for dear life.

Doin the usual laundry, dishes (Yee Haw!) but then I'm going over to visit my sister and help her hang some curtains.

I'm back to counting points today, belly feels better.

Uki glad that fever finally went away.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Re: Daily commitment 3/5

I am slow to go this a.m.! Just needed a little more shut-eye this a.m., so didn't get out of bed until 7:30. Drank my coffee and watched the end of a good movie that was on encore or somewhere. Just wanted to absorb the day and drink my coffee. I finally ate my cereal for breakfast, but the day still finds me in my gown and robe! What's up with that? Maybe I'm more exhausted than I thought. Still fighting the sinus/cold and taking Benadryl that seems to have slowed me down somewhat. I need to get my shoes on and do some walking! That would help boost some energy I'm sure! So much for that.

I'm doing good with OP this week. I'm going to a Pampered Chef show tonight at the daughter-in-law's and the invitation says "lots of good food"....so you know what that means! TEMPTATION! I will eat dinner before going, though. She knows I'm WW all the time, so there will be fruit or something I'm sure. I will just plan ahead!

Hope all of you have a glorious day! DIANE

Re: Daily commitment 3/5

Good afternoon everyone. Just coming on to say I'm doing well. Hopefully those of you that have the sinus/flu stuff start to feel better soon.

I did very well yesterday on the food front and doing well so far today.

Back to work I go, first of the month is always busy busy.

Re: Daily commitment 3/5

Hey Diane, looks like you and me are feeling the same. I'm sitting in my jammies still with little energy to speak of!

Re: Daily commitment 3/5

Still pretty stressed here. I'm trying not to let it affect my eating and exercising. I got up this morning and did my workout and have been OP today.

DH has applied for a few jobs in the last 2 days. He is trying everything that he can.

We are taking DS to the park after I get off work to burn a little energy before dinner.

I got on the scale this morning and have lost 5 pounds this week. I think it is probably a combination of being sick and stress, but at least something good came out of both.