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Re: Daily commitment 3/5

Good afternoon everyone. Just coming on to say I'm doing well. Hopefully those of you that have the sinus/flu stuff start to feel better soon.

I did very well yesterday on the food front and doing well so far today.

Back to work I go, first of the month is always busy busy.

Re: Daily commitment 3/5

Hey Diane, looks like you and me are feeling the same. I'm sitting in my jammies still with little energy to speak of!

Re: Daily commitment 3/5

Still pretty stressed here. I'm trying not to let it affect my eating and exercising. I got up this morning and did my workout and have been OP today.

DH has applied for a few jobs in the last 2 days. He is trying everything that he can.

We are taking DS to the park after I get off work to burn a little energy before dinner.

I got on the scale this morning and have lost 5 pounds this week. I think it is probably a combination of being sick and stress, but at least something good came out of both.