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Re: Daily Commitment 3/6

Hello ladies. I am still kind of down today. DH just called and he has an interview at 2:00 this afternoon at a car dealership. It's a sales job which he isn't crazy about, but right now a job is a job and anything will help. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that. Also, he talked to the work comp insurance company and they told him that they may have to pay his wages until he is fully released to full duty again, which could be a while so that is a plus also. Who knows how long it will take to get the check for that, but hopefully it will be soon.
I am down a total of 24 pounds as of this morning. I have lost 6 this week.

Re: Daily Commitment 3/6

hello everyone running around like crazy today but mainly op. Baked all morning for dd bday party . Cant say I didnt sample but I followed it up witth 0 pt snacks. Skipped the bday cake and opted for a piece of pumpkin bread instead. Instead of pizza had a sub. Now I am off to the swimming pool with five 10 year olds and my younger dd's. At least I wont have to keep them all entertained!!

Re: Daily Commitment 3/6

Hi everyone...just checking in the middle of an OP day....same stresses are in progress but trying to handle them without a return to old destructive eating habits....each day I can post of being OP seems like a miracle. Sounds like everyone is busy busy busy...take care, all.....Maajida