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Daily Commitment 3/7

Happy Saturday everyone. The sun is just starting to rise here in Iowa and I can truthfully say that I wish I wasnt awake to see it!!! Got home around 1030 last night and probley should of gone to bed but needed a little time to unwind so I stayed up an hour or so.

This morning we are not off to jujitsu like normal instead jujitsu is coming to us. We have tournament in my town with the classes from around here. Potluck dinner after the tourny with "Charlie boys" I was told they were like taverns/barbaque/sloppy joes/maid rites or what ever u call them in your neck of the woods. i grew up calling them taverns. So I will bring my 1 pt buns and just limit the meat since I dont know how many points they are. Desserts I will be able to partake in because I volunteered to make them! 1 pt chocolate chip cookies, and 3 pt cheese cake! so looking forward to it all.

Tonight I am going to relax with some movies I think. My sister in law wants me to go with to pick out my mothers in law dress for her wedding if I am feeling up to it but I think I just want to stay home.

Hope your saturday is a good one. op for me

Re: Daily Commitment 3/7

Good luck today with the tournament, Chelsie! Go throw someone on the mat. LOL I think you have the food plan TOTALLY covererd. Great planning!

The big kids are off to a friends' house today so it will just me Scott, me and Mitch all day. Tonight Scott and I mystery dine at Applebees. That should be fun. I researched the menu and I am good to go.

It is warm here, but raining. That stinks. I had hoped to ride my bike outside, but I am not sure the weather agrees.

Have a great day!

Re: Daily Commitment 3/7

Good morning. Spring is here, at least for the weekend. I'm going to try to get out and take a walk today. Food is going good. Yesterday I took my lunch with me when I went to work then for supper had chicken with Buffalo wing sauce in the crockpot. Served it shredded on tortilla shell with some brown rice and a fat free blue cheese dressing. It was very good. Tonight is pizza night for Jim. Think I'm going to try a suggestion I read on WW message board. Cook a serving of polenta (cornmeal) and pour it on a waffle iron and bake. It is supposed to take several cycles of baking but it is supposed to get crispy. Then I'll put veggies over it. We'll see. This wasn't a great week for weigh in. I gained 1.4. I've cut back on my evening popcorn so we'll see if that helps next week. Hope you all have a great weekend.
Don't forget to change your clocks tonight.


Re: Daily Commitment 3/7

Good morning everyone...I'm headed for an OP day in N. Calif. No rain.....have a wonderful Saturday, everyone...maajida

Re: Daily Commitment 3/7

hello everyone, tourney is done, had fun but man am i sore. I will sure feel it tommorrow. i did okay food wise since we didnt eat till 2. tourney went late so I had a bannana instead of roaming the buffet table. so full from this afternoon that I will just have a small snack tonight. made it away with out too many injuries but I did jamb some fingers so typing is quite difficult with them taped together. hope u all had a good day I am going to go reclaim my spot on the couch!!

Re: Daily Commitment 3/7

Checking in quite late tonight! My computer has been messing up, so I finally disconnected the wireless router that my son had put on here sometime around Christmas....works fine now!!!

I was sort of down this a.m. after WW meeting. I was up .2. Of course, I've had a struggle with hunger all week. Then It dawned on me that my cell phone had been in my pocket. I put it on my scale and what did it weigh? Yep, .2. I guess I could say, I probably stayed the same if not for that silly phone!!

I fixed the best dinner tonight! I tried a recipe for chicken chimichangas (?) that our leader gave us today. It was wonderful and my husband liked them, too. We had salad and taco rice to go with it. Very filling! I will try to post the recipe tomorrow.

I guess I better head to bed since it's time change night. I had a cappuccino this afternoon, though, and I am not a bit sleepy! I wonder why! LOL!

I am looking forward to a much better OP week coming up!! I have been on this plateau long enough!!!!