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Daily commitment 3/8

Good morning. Did you remember to set your clocks ahead? I was OK since I usually get up at 7 except on Sunday when we sleep till 8. It is a grey, damp day. The snow is gone replaced by huge ponds of standing water from all the rain last night.
I ended up not doing any exercise yesterday. It was colder out than I had thought so I didn't get out to walk. Thought I'd get out my resistance bands but ended up getting engrossed in making a purse and never left the sewing room. Did OK with the food. Had my polenta "waffle" from the Forman grill. It was interesting. This morning I'm trying to make fried grits on the waffle iron. Jim loves fried grits but they are a mess to make so I sliced the cold grits and put them on the Forman. Lots less mess but don't know if they will get crisp.
Well, got to get busy before church.
Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment 3/8

Report on "Fried Grits" Jim gave them a thumbs up. Usually they are fried in lots of butter so making on the grill cuts way down on fat. To make them- make grits per box instructions and pour into a loaf pan to shape as they cool. I usually refrigerate them over night (covered). Turn out and slice in about 1/2 inch slices and place on waffle iron. I think ours cooked for about 30 minutes till they were slightly brown and crispy. Grits are a filling food until you put the butter and syrup on like Jim does. For me I just heated a few slices and had them with eggs.

Re: Daily commitment 3/8

Good morning! Patty, how did you make the waffle? Did you cook the polenta on the stove and then put it on the waffle iron? I am curious about this. And when you say it was "interesting," is that good or bad? LOL

We remembered about the clocks. Poor Scott. This was his first morning to serve in the praise band at church, and he had to be there at 8am!!! We got up at 6:30a (5:30a the old time). I think he will take a nap today. The kids slept in and I went back to bed too. I didn't get up until 9a, so that was the end of church for today. I hope God understands. :)

OP today. I am going to make this angel hair alfredo thing with grilled chicken strips for dinner.

No exercise today - rest day.

Have a wonderful day!

Re: Daily commitment 3/8

morning everyone. we remembered the time change but unfornunatly decided to just sleep in this morning. we knew we would be terribly sore this morning. i am not as bad as I thought I would be but still in no condition to sit on wooden benches.

Today I hope to overcome a pile of laundry and dishes, take a bubble bath and read a good book. We'll see if the book happens depends on what my kids feel like doing today!

op for me see u later

Re: Daily commitment 3/8

OP for me today, too. I, also, slept in. This allergy/sinus thing is still hanging on and I feel like my head's in a barrel! Had a good breakfast, but haven't planned yet for the rest of my day. Better get to it. I will post the recipe from dinner last night after lunch!

Re: Daily commitment 3/8

checking in late in the day...but have been OP all the way....have grandson overnight to give his mom a little break....my dd is having surgery Thursday to repair a heart defect (PFO) and things sound hopeful for it to be corrected, but scarey...I know getting off program will just make the coping even harder. And I can see my body getting smaller and more toned, but despite OP behavior, the scale is not budging much. But I am hanging in there. Hugs to you all...hope everyone had a good weekend....maajida