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Re: Daily commitment 3/8

morning everyone. we remembered the time change but unfornunatly decided to just sleep in this morning. we knew we would be terribly sore this morning. i am not as bad as I thought I would be but still in no condition to sit on wooden benches.

Today I hope to overcome a pile of laundry and dishes, take a bubble bath and read a good book. We'll see if the book happens depends on what my kids feel like doing today!

op for me see u later

Re: Daily commitment 3/8

OP for me today, too. I, also, slept in. This allergy/sinus thing is still hanging on and I feel like my head's in a barrel! Had a good breakfast, but haven't planned yet for the rest of my day. Better get to it. I will post the recipe from dinner last night after lunch!

Re: Daily commitment 3/8

checking in late in the day...but have been OP all the way....have grandson overnight to give his mom a little break....my dd is having surgery Thursday to repair a heart defect (PFO) and things sound hopeful for it to be corrected, but scarey...I know getting off program will just make the coping even harder. And I can see my body getting smaller and more toned, but despite OP behavior, the scale is not budging much. But I am hanging in there. Hugs to you all...hope everyone had a good weekend....maajida